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Yummy Mummy Tummy Tuck Feedback

happy customer1I am so glad that I stumbled across secret surgery and didn’t go with the company in Belgium that were going to send me to the hotel the same day as my surgery and not see me until 3 days later to change and clean my wounds and remove my drains!!!

I have had an amazing experience everything and I mean everything was taken care of before and after our arrival. DR W, Aga and Jack are amazing and have made mine and my families stay so much easier.

Angela definitely matched me up with the right surgery buddies we have laughed until our tummies hurt.

Angela you are an amazing women who definitely know what each and every patient needs. I am so pleased I found secret surgery it had made the whole experience so much easier xxx


Zoe: My Tummy Tuck!

We’ve got another very special patient story today. Zoe, from Kent, underwent a Tummy Tuck with us at Secret Surgery not long ago, and now she’s going to tell us – and you, our potential patients – all about her experience here.

How did you come across us? “Whilst researching surgeons I found your details on a search engine, without even looking at the Secret Surgery website – and so not knowing it was abroad – I simply called the number provided by the search engine. Over the phone she explained the whole procedure from start to finish in such an open and honest way – I’d spent the best part of the day speaking to receptionists, advisers, answerphones…. and I was still none the wiser.”

So, the phone conversation you had with Angela made you even more set on Secret Surgery? “If she hadn’t used the words ‘Poland’ and ‘Abroad’ I would have probably turned up at her house that night, cash in hand, demanding next-day surgery!”

Ha! So you did further research instead? “I then read reviews and did my research on the surgeon, the hospital and Angela, and there wasn’t a single bad review for any of them… so it was an easy decision to book! Meeting everyone at Persona Clinic and seeing how amazing Angela looked… I could already tell by then that I had made a great decision.”

“I really can’t thank Angela enough. It will make such a huge difference to my future… but you already know about the difference! You truly understand just how much it means. That’s the real beauty of Secret Surgery. Angela – thank you for being with me through this life-changing process. Genuinely helpful, encouraging, supportive and caring – what started as a worrying trip into the unknown soon became an enjoyable and rewarding experience!”

“Many thanks to you and the rest of your team in the UK and Poland – you’re all wonderful!”

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Nikki: My Tummy Tuck

Today we’ve got another Sunday Story! This time it’s Nikki, who’s here to talk about her experience of undergoing a tummy tuck with Secret Surgery.

Are you glad you decided to travel abroad for your cosmetic surgery? “From the moment I arrived in Poland for my tummy tuck, everything I could have thought of was already organised. I didn’t need to worry about anything.”

“The hospital surpassed all of my expectations and the surgeon is amazing! You aren’t just treated like a number – each time I saw him I felt like he had my best interests in mind.”

And what about the results? “I now have the tummy I have wanted for years, and I couldn’t be happier!”

“Angela and Aga made my journey a smooth one and I can’t thank them enough. If I were ever to want anything else done, I would definitely be returning to Secret Surgery, and I’d recommend them to anyone!”

That’s great news! We’re always so pleased to hear about it when our patients are happy with their time spent at Secret Surgery in Poland. Next Sunday, we’ll have another video story for you all – so keep reading!

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Sacha’s Story: My Body Makeover

Sacha Selcuk

Today, one of our VIP patients is here to tell us about her body makeover at Secret Surgery. Sacha underwent a breast reduction and tummy tuck with us, as well as having cosmetic dentistry done while she was here.

“I went to Poland on 11th April, booked by the lovely Angela at Secret Surgery. I was booked in for a tummy tuck on the 13th and breast reduction on the 18th of April. The second operation had to be postponed while the doctors waited for blood levels to return to normal, so in between the two I had my teeth sandblasted and whitened, as well as having three veneers and a crown fitted.”

“The level of care at Secret Surgery was amazing, and the hospital was spotless. All the staff that I came into contact with were so caring; Aga and Dr. W were amazing, and Dr. W made me feel like I was the only patient there – though I obviously wasn’t. I could tell he really cared.”

“Altogether I spent one month and four days in Wroclaw, and I don’t regret a minute of it. I would recommend Secret Surgery to anyone. Thank you, Dr. W, for changing the way I feel! Although lots of people think that if they have surgery they will be happy with themselves, my advice is to be happy first and then you will truly love yourself.”

Thanks, Sacha! We’ve got more details from Sacha in the coming weeks about the separate treatments she underwent during her body makeover, so keep reading to find out how those went.

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Kerry Katona’s Looking Yummy on Celeb Come Dine With Me

ImageIt was only a few weeks ago that we reported Kerry Katona’s recent tummy tuck, when the 31-year-old celebrity underwent bot liposuction and a tuck in order to regain her figure after giving birth to a new baby.

After spending the last few weeks as a yummy mummy, some of the more critical British papers have been ragging on Katona after appearing on a celebrity edition of the popular TV cooking show, Come Dine With Me.

The papers criticised her serving of fish and chips – a British classic – on the show, so soon after undergoing her surgery. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself now and again; undergoing cosmetic surgery doesn’t mean you’re never allowed to enjoy anything a little bit naughty again!

Kerry still looked fab on the show; for a mum of four kids, she’s still a tiny size 8 and looking gorgeous! It’s important to maintain good eating habits after any surgery in order to maintain the effect that surgery aimed for, but that doesn’t mean denying yourself a treat every now and again.

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd. says that “It’s wonderful to see a celebrity being so down-to-earth about her surgery; no one in the celeb world has been so honest about cosmetic procedures as Kerry Katona, and we applaud her for it. As for the fish and chips? She deserves them! Good for her – she’s obviously maintaining her weight well, so why not enjoy a treat?”

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Kerry Katona, the Mummy with a Flat Tummy

ImageEarlier this month, Kerry Katona – everyone’s favourite Atomic Kitten – told OK! Magazine about her second tummy tuck, to get rid of the “kangaroo pouch” on her belly. “Right now I’m high as a kite on painkillers”, she said, “Because I’m recovering from a tummy tuck!”

The pop star, TV presenter and yummy mummy of 4 was proud to tell the world about her surgery, which she admits was a last resort to shift those pounds that just wouldn’t go after rigorous diet and exercise. “No matter how much weight I lost I couldn’t get rid of a pocket of skin that hung like a kangaroo pouch!”

This abdominoplasty comes just a few years after her 2008 body makeover, which cost around £15,000 and was undertaken just four months after the star gave birth to her fourth child.

Obviously Katona’s keen to keep her body in top shape even after childbirth – and we applaud her for it! She’s definitely got the looks to be a yummy mummy, and a little nip and tuck here and there doesn’t hurt.

After meeting Kerry on a few occasions Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd., says “Kerry Katona looked great before – but now she looks even better! It’s always good to see women who aren’t ashamed of their bodies, and the work they’ve had done. Tummy tucks are all the rage, and it isn’t hard to see why; sometimes, there’s just no other way to shift the ‘pouch’!”

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Get Your Beach Body Ready…

It’s nearly June, and despite the lacklustre weather we’ve been seeing in recent weeks, tImagehese past few days have certainly shown that things are set to take a turn for the better. Whether you’re staying in the UK this summer or if you have plans for somewhere a little more exotic, don’t forget to make sure you’ve got your beach body ready for soaking up lots of sun!

Of course, if the thought of wearing a bikini in front of hundreds of strangers makes you feel sick to your stomach, there’s still time to get yourself – and and your body – fit and ready before beach season is upon us. Imagine lying on a hot, white, sandy beach, catching some rays… with guys and gals all around looking on with a mixture of desire and envy.

Sound like fun? Well, you might want to start stocking your fridge up with fruits and vegetables, and re-register for your local gym. Take up running, start swimming once a week, or take on the Weight-watchers challenge – there are lots of ways to shift the pounds.

If you’ve already tried all of this, don’t worry – lots of us have been there, and you can still have that perfect beach babe figure. With cosmetic surgery, you can target any part of your body you feel unhappy with – want to lose some tum but keep the boobs? No problem! You’ll have the perfect hourglass figure in no time.

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd., says “We see a huge increase in enquiries around the beginning of summer every year – it looks like most people are clamouring for the perfect body to show off on the beach. Luckily, we can give you just that! We don’t aim to make our patients ‘perfect’ – but we do aim to make them happy.”

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Avatar Actress Plans Mummy Makeover

ImageIt’s not only us ‘normal’ women that feel self-conscious about our thunder-thighs and daydream about the plastic surgery we want to have done. 33-year-old Zoe Saldana, star of hit blockbuster Avatar, spoke about her plans for cosmetic treatment on The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, a US chat show.

On the subject of whether or not she’d treat herself to plastic surgery after having kids, Zoe said “I would. The same way an old man who is having a midlife crisis can buy a Porsche and dates a 17-year-old, I can buy a pair [of new boobs] and be the sexiest soccer mom you’ve ever seen.”

And why not? Good for Zoe – we like to see a woman showing this kind of confidence and comfort in her own choices. “I am okay with people trying to do whatever it is they need to do to feel better”. So are we, Zoe!

Mummy makeovers are all the rage these days, both in Hollywood and out of it. Only last week, it was rumoured that Beyoncé might have undergone a couple of tucks to get herself back into perfect shape so soon after the birth of her baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter.

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd., says “It’s so great to see that so many women are putting in the effort to stay sexy after childbirth. Having kids doesn’t have to be the end of your sex life – far from it! What’s important is being happy with what you’ve got, whether you undertake surgery to get there or not.”

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Flatten Your Flab with a Yummy Tummy Tuck

ImageIf you’ve lost a lot of weight recently, you might sometimes notice that your tummy’s looking less like the toned, beach body you imagined it might be and a bit more like somebody left a wax model out in the sun too long.

This ‘melty’ excess skin is nothing to worry about; it’s only natural that after extreme weight loss you’ve got a lot of skin left over, but unfortunately you can do all the ab crunches and sit-ups you like – you won’t dodge that podge. It’s simply excess skin, and the only way to get rid of it is to, well, get rid of it!

Tummy tucks are all the rage at the moment, with yummy mummies looking to get back their shape after nine months of ballooning, or simply successful dieters who need a couple of extra tweaks before they’re ready to show off their brand new beach bodies.

Secret Surgery’s MD and founder, Angela Chouaib, recommends a tummy tuck for anyone who has recently lost a lot of weight. “Tummy tucks are simple, routine procedures that simply remove excess tissue that gets left behind when we drop pounds quickly. It’s super-quick to recover from, and when you see the results, it’ll make those months of dieting seem even more worth it.”

If you’re thinking that a tummy tuck might be for you, then take the next step and receive a personalised quote and free consultation. Please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email [email protected]

Secret Surgery for Scotland’s Yummy Mummies

Scots firm Secret Surgery has enjoyed a prolific first year of business. The cosmetic surgery holiday specialists, who turned one in November, have recently expanded their services north of the border after a flurry of interest from Scottish women. Founded by Dumbarton businesswoman Angela Chouaib, Secret Surgery has gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months, attracting new clients and earning awards along the way.

Cosmetic surgery abroadThe firm has already helped over 200 women experience surgery abroad in a state-of-the-art Polish Hospital. Many of Secret Surgery’s clients had yearned to have cosmetic procedures for some time, but were unable to, often due to the prohibitive cost. After being told that she must wait two years for plastic surgery on the NHS, Angela decided to launch Secret Surgery.

She spent Nine months researching surgery options in the UK and abroad, before discovering a Hospital in Poland she felt was suitable. Her initial concerns about foreign surgery, compounded by scant client reviews and the stigma associated with Eastern European treatment, were soon assuaged.

In April of 2010, she underwent a tummy tuck, and was so satisfied with the service she returned a month later for a breast reduction and uplift. One of Secret Surgery’s most popular packages is their mummy makeovers. Angela explains: “A typical mummy makeover package holiday costs £2,810 all inclusive for a tummy tuck, compared to £6,000 in the UK.” Other popular procedures with Secret Surgery include Vaser Liposuction thigh, arm and face lifts along with breast augmentation.

The company regularly hosts meetings and discussion groups across the country, designed to assist women – and men – who are interested in learning more about cosmetic procedures.

Secret Surgery ScotlandThe firm have now expanded their operations in Scotland, with Nicola Connolly becoming the Scottish representative. Based in Dumbarton, Nicola’s role is to offer emotional, moral support as well as advise on all aspects of surgery abroad and to answer questions regarding Secret Surgery.

Angela Chouaib says: “I’m delighted to be welcoming Nicola, a fellow Scotswoman, into the Secret Surgery fold. Nicola and I are both mothers and understand the pressures of raising a family while still wanting to look and feel good.

Secret Surgery has helped me achieve that, and we look forward to helping many more women experience Harley Street standards without the price tag!”


For more information on Secret Surgery, visit or email Nicola Connolly at [email protected]

Yummy Mummy Makeover in Poland Video

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