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Julie Atkins Lancaster featured in Woman’s Own magazine!

julie lancaster womans own magazineEven MORE press coverage for us! This week, the lovely Julie Atkins Lancaster was featured in Woman’s Own magazine in a segment about her experience with cosmetic surgery abroad. Julie underwent a tummy tuck with us after losing lots of weight and giving birth to her three children by C-section. She’s a very brave lady, and she decided to tell the rest of the UK about her experience with us – and it sounds fantastic!

We’re always happy to hear when our patients tell us about how happy they are with the work we’ve done, and when it gets shared with the world like this – well, we’re over the moon. Julie deserves all the attention she gets for looking absolutely gorgeous!

You can pick up the issue of Woman’s Own magazine already, it’s the July 22nd edition and Julie’s spot is featured on the cover and inside. we hope that this article helps a lot of women to make the brave decision to go through with surgery – because, at the end of the day, being happy with your body is the most important thing about your body. Whether you’re big, small, or just right – be happy!

So, go on – read all about Julie’s fantastic tummy tuck and weight loss with Angela from Secret Surgery!

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Latest Patients Feedback – Yummy Mummy Makeover

Woman Smiling,Lying In Hospital Bed

Latest Feedback from our Yummy Mummy

Everything is great thank you healing brilliantly in no pain after my tummy tuck and vaser lipo, been mooching around the square already – Everyone has been great all the doctors nurses Aga and Jack are so attentive and nice, I’m very glad I come!

I had a little peek at my tummy tuck scar and although still swollen my scar is perfect, so neat I couldn’t believe it, I was worried before but now I’m not so much for my second op (breast Augmentation) just excited!


Is FRIENDS star Matthew Perry thinking of going under the knife?

"Cinderella Man" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsWe first met Matthew Perry when he played Chandler Bing, the lovable joker in Friends. That was two decades ago, and Matthew has suffered from middle-aged spread just like the rest of us have. He appeared on a US chat show, Ellen, in the past week, after which apparently some of his own friends teased him about his weight!

Speculators reckon Matt might be thinking of going under the knife to get rid of a few of the extra pounds he’s put on, and we wouldn’t blame him if he did. He’s still an attractive man, but his career hasn’t exactly taken off since the end of Friends. Perhaps shedding some of the excess weight will help him to land those roles?

Of course, we hope Matt doesn’t make this decision just because of what his friends say! He should be opting for surgery because it’s what he wants for himself. We’d recommend some liposuction and possible a tummy tuck depending on how much excess skin is left after his weight loss. Of course, a good diet and exercise won’t go amiss either.

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Yummy Mummy Tummy Tuck Feedback

happy customer1I am so glad that I stumbled across secret surgery and didn’t go with the company in Belgium that were going to send me to the hotel the same day as my surgery and not see me until 3 days later to change and clean my wounds and remove my drains!!!

I have had an amazing experience everything and I mean everything was taken care of before and after our arrival. DR W, Aga and Jack are amazing and have made mine and my families stay so much easier.

Angela definitely matched me up with the right surgery buddies we have laughed until our tummies hurt.

Angela you are an amazing women who definitely know what each and every patient needs. I am so pleased I found secret surgery it had made the whole experience so much easier xxx


Patient Feedback; Yummy Mummy Makeover

patient story surgery abroad secret surgeryMy tummy and boobs have been the best thing that i have ever done!! The whole experience with Secret Surgery was first class!! I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to get more surgery with Secret Surgery in the future.

Mrs L from Northern Ireland

My tummy tuck and breast lift experience with Secret Surgery

surgery poland patient experianceSpeaking for myself on my experience and outcome of both my surgeries I can truthfully and honestly say I’m very satisfied with the results of my tummy tuck and breast uplift and all that went with it.

I’m very happy to say I’m one sexy mumma now and I’ve changed in so many ways not only physically but mentally there is always gonna be doubts but I’m in no doubt with my decision and thanks to surgery I’m one happy bunny……:0)

Mrs D – Norfolk

I wish I were… a yummy mummy!

Keep-healthy-during-pregnancy-HERO-94ba6d88-0ef4-4b04-901d-86bbc69046e9-0-640x360Yummy mummy makeovers were the big thing of the new millennium, and they’re not getting any less popular. Women are beginning to realise that having children doesn’t mean sacrificing good looks and tight tums!

The beauty of a yummy mummy makeover is that you can make it whatever you want: you can customise your makeover to target any areas that you think need work – whether you’ve got post-baby belly or thunder thighs. Some of the most popular procedures we deliver as part of yummy mummy makeovers are:

  • Tummy tucks, to tighten up your abs after the surgery
  • Liposuction, which can target any areas of fat that you haven’t managed to lose yet
  • Lifts – you can have a lift just about anywhere, from your face to your thighs!

Combine one or two surgeries and who knows – you might be looking even better than you did before you had your baby!

With all the stresses of becoming a new mother, nobody wants the added worry of being self-conscious about their body. Treating yourself to a yummy mummy makeover is one way to truly reward yourself for the hard work you’ve put into pregnancy and childbirth!

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Latest Patient Feedback; Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift with Implant

surgery abroad patient storyWithout secret surgery and Angela Chouaib help and support I would not be as happy as I am now. The whole process was professional from start to finish.

The hospital us amazing and truly care about your well being.

If your not fit for surgery then they will not operate on you. No matter how much money you have.

I had my tummy done the first week, with 7 days to recover and then I had my boobies done. I’m so happy I’m thinking of getting my arms done next.

I trust Angela Secret-Surgery with my health and would all ways seek advise and support from Angela for any future ops…..

Mrs N from Surrey

Why not make your holiday this year a cosmetic surgery holiday?

airplaneIf you’re still umm-ing and ahh-ing over where to head for your summer holidays this year, why not consider making a special trip in 2013? The benefit of coming to us for your cosmetic surgery is that you get a holiday rolled in!

Why not book your surgery for a day or two into the trip, and spend the first day enjoying Wroclaw’s fantastic shops and bars? During June and July we regularly see temperatures in their high twenties – which means it’s dresses, skirts and t-shirts all ’round during summer!

You can also, of course, bring your partner or family along. It’s one way of ensuring you get the support you need while undergoing surgery, without feeling that you’re putting everyone else out – they’ll love being here just as much as you!

And, of course, can you think of a better souvenir to take home from the most memorable holiday ever than a new body? A tighter tummy? I can’t!

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Time to get your summer beach body ready!

yoga-bikini-body-fitness-workout-downward-facing-dog_1Wow, is it that time of year already? It feels like winter’s only just ended, and yet here we are – it’s nearly June! Three months of summer and sunshine are almost upon us, and I know what that means to me – time to get my bikini body ready!

If you’ve tried diet and exercise and find it’s not quite doing its job properly, then you might consider undergoing a little nip and a tuck to get your body in ship-shape ready for summer. Want to know what our most popular pre-summer surgeries are? Read on…

Liposuction. Yeah, you could’ve guessed this one. At Secret Surgery, we offer VASER liposuction, which is more efficient, clean and effective than more traditional methods. If you’ve still got a little bit of a fat that just doesn’t seem to shift no matter how hard you diet, then maybe liposuction is for you. We can target the areas of your body where you want less fat, and leave it in the areas you’re happy with!

Tummy tuck. Perhaps you’ve already lost the weight you need to for your bikini body, but this has left you with a little more excess skin than you’d like? Don’t worry – a tummy tuck can fix this. A tummy tuck can help a saggy tummy to look youthful, toned, and sexy once again.

Breast augmentation. If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to fill out your bikini bra like you may have been able to do in years long past, then maybe a breast augmentation is for you. Of course, you can also have your breasts reduced in size – and this might be an option if you want to fit into those sexy DD bikinis you’ve been spotting in shop windows recently.

Pectoral implants. This one’s just for the boys – if you’re feeling self-conscious about your lack of pecs this year – just get them implanted! You’ll be the talk of the town – and it might even guarantee you a summer of love for 2013!

Fancy any of these? Then don’t hesitate to give us a ring and get your beach body in shape just in time for your holidays! To take the next step and receive a FREE personalised info pack and quote please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email [email protected]

C’mon Guys… Surgery is Not Just a Woman’s Game

atlanta-male-facial-plastic-surgeryYep, you heard right. For too long, cosmetic surgery has been seen as an industry aimed purely at women. But why? It’s not like we don’t want our men looking good too! If you’re a man and you’ve ever been feeling insecure about the way you look, then don’t rule out the option of surgery. We see plenty of men every day, and the vast majority of them have supportive wives and girlfriends looking forward to having a hunkier man at home with them!

We offer plenty of surgery options just for men – including pectoral implants – but we also see a lot of men who want the same surgeries that a lot of our lady patients want! This is fine – liposuctions, lifts, and tucks are not just for women. Men age in just the same way as us, and – even if most of them do seem to be able to eat like a horse without gaining weight – they do put on the pounds too!

We’d like to shake off the image of cosmetic surgery as a woman’s surgery. It’s not; and there’s nothing wrong – or feminine – about wanting to make yourself look the best you can be. What’s more, the bonus of our location in Poland means that you needn’t even tell your male friends that you’re going to have surgery; just tell them you’re on a lads holiday to Vegas – they’ll understand!

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The World’s First… Doggy Tummy Tuck!

Obie, recovering from his tummy tuck

Obie, recovering from his tummy tuck

Yes, you heard it right – a dog! Obie, a super cute and super brave little dachshund, has recently undergone a tummy tuck.

Don’t worry, we love animal rights as much as the next person – this tummy tuck wasn’t exactly cosmetic. Obie lost an impressive 37lbs and was left with excess skin, which was making him uncomfortable. As you might know, dachshunds have low tummies, and skin rubbing against the ground can cause discomfort.

“He’s always had the personality where you can really tell he wants to interact,” Nora told Fox News in the US. “He wants to get around. So now that he can it’s pretty exciting. He’s just getting to be a dog.”

Last we heard, Obie was recovering from his operation in Portland, Oregon. Fingers crossed that Obie’s recovery goes off without a hitch!

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Caring For Yourself After a Tummy Tuck

SlimTummyA couple of weeks ago we posted a blog about self-care after liposuction – well, guess what? Caring for yourself after a tummy tuck is just as important! We find that most of our patients need a lot of guidance about how to take care of themselves post-surgery, but it’s best to be clued up and prepared before you even have the surgery! This way, you can make sure that everything is prepared for you before you even get home.

So – tummy tucks. Not the easiest of procedures to undergo, there are a number of things to bear in mind after you have a tummy tuck. Of course, the information below is general – if your surgeon or nurse tells you something different, do what they say!


Your doctor may give you medication to ease the pain and swelling that you will likely feel after a tummy tuck. Acetaminophen is a common choice of medication for tummy tuck patients, though most will need something stronger. Pain pumps, anti-nausea drugs and intravenous fluids are all regularly used in treating post-surgery tummy tuck patients. Most patients are advised to take antibiotics after surgery to reduce the chance of infection.

Drains and Bandages

Surgical drains are often used to speed up the healing process – they keep blood and fluid from building up between abdominal muscles and skin. Compression garments are very commonly recommended to patients after a tummy tuck; these improve blood circulation and support the abdomen. Most patients wear these for around a month after a tummy tuck.


Of course, resting is always important after any surgery. For the few weeks following surgery, it’s a good idea to bend forward a little to ease the pressure on the incision. You can start taking short walks straight after the tummy tuck, but avoid strenuous exercise, which can prolong swelling. Hopefully, you’ll be able to return to work around two to four weeks after your surgery!

Stick to these essential tips and you shouldn’t have any problems in your recovery! And remember – always do what the doctor orders!

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Mum and Son: Tummy Tuck!

Get-a-Flat-Tummy-aJane and Brett, from Cumbria, are here today to tell us about their unique adventure with Secret Surgery! Jane and Brett were still recovering in Poland when they spoke to us – here’s their story.

Tell us where it all began. My story started in March 2007 when I had a RNY Gastric Bypass surgery for super morbid obesity. At my heaviest I weighed 26st 10lb or 180 kg. I struggled to walk, move around in general and my life had come to a stand still at 38 years of age.

And where does Brett come into it? I have two children and I noted my son Brett was also starting to put weight on and I blamed myself as a parent for poor food choices resulting in my son ballooning to 17st 10lb and a size 44 waist at 16 years of age. When my son saw the weight dropping off me following my surgery, he too took drastic action and started dieting and exercising. In 6 weeks he dropped to 10 stone 12lb and a size 28 waist. Within a year of my surgery I had dropped 84kg but both my son and I were left with a large apron of skin. We both applied for funding in 2008 to our local PCT for cosmetic surgery but were refused funding.

How did you find Secret Surgery? Six appeals and four years later I came across Angela Chouiab, the managing director of Secret Surgery, via a discussion group on Facebook. Angela had experienced weight loss surgery and funding issues herself in the UK and had gone to Poland for her own surgery in 2009. From the onset of talking to Angela you knew she was a genuinely caring, empathetic person who was eager to help.

What convinced you to go with us? I initially got a quote from Angela for myself in 2012 but was anxious about going abroad for surgery because of the media portrayal of surgeries abroad. However after further discussions with people on the secret surgery group and the outstanding support Angela offered to patients, I decided to book for my son and I go to to Poland on the 6th February 2013.

Was it difficult making all the arrangements? Angela arranged everything for us down to the last detail and was available night and day for any questions or anxieties I had. My son and I flew to Wroclaw on the 6th February and was met by our driver Jack who spoke perfect English. He took us to our apartment that Angela arranged for us. Having somebody to sort out every detail for you takes the stress and pressure out of trip.

How did everything go once you had arrived here? The apartment was lovely, clean and tidy. We received a call from Aga who was the translator and support for us in Poland and arranged for us to cone into hospital on the 7th Februrary 2013 for our surgeries. Obviously I was doubly anxious because my son was having surgery too and I wanted everything to go well for him. Aga was lovely and beautiful with it and introduced us to DR Waclawawowicz who looked at our tummies and gave a realistic and honest account of what was achievable through the procedure. He advised that my son would also benefit from vaser liposuction to his hips to achieve an amazing result.

What did you think of the hospital? The hospital was AMAZINGLY clean to a standard I have never seen in the UK. I was shown my room and Dr Waclawawowicz agreed to come and visit us later to answer any questions. Aga Poprawska and the staff all made us very welcome including the lovely Hanna Gregorowicz who booked us in and made us both feel welcome.

Did you feel supported during your stay? Yes! Angela also put me in touch with other ladies from the UK prior to flying out so that we could all meet up and support each other. This was really useful for me as both ladies Cara and Carolynn were at different stages post op which helped me see what my son and I would be experiencing very soon. Our room was 120% clean and beautifully welcoming.

How did the surgery itself go? We spent the day settling in and were told every step of the way what would happen. My son opted to go for surgery first and he was told when, how long this would take, that he would be put in recovery next to me which reassured him. I was also reassured by Dr Waclawawowicz prior to my surgery that Brett’s surgery had gone well, which reassured me prior to going into surgery. I woke in recovery next to my son and we were both cared for overnight by a lovely nurse overnight who came hourly to change dressings, empty drains and administer pain killers.

And after the op? We then returned to our room the following day to recover. Throughout this time Aga continued to visit and support us night and day and Angela rang daily to check how we were and to update the support group of our progress. On day two post surgery Jack collected us and took us back to the apartment collecting medication from the pharmacy for a small fee.

How are you doing now? We are now on day 4 post op. we have had a trip back to the hospital for dressing changes and met by Aga and Dr Waclawawowicz who were pleased with our progress. We are overjoyed at the results so far and are so thankful to everyone at Secret surgery for everything they have done for us.

Oh, lovely! Anything else you’d like to tell our readers? Dr Waclawawowicz and Aga even came and sat with us in the patients lounge for 30 minutes just talking about our experiences, where would you get that service in the UK? Although our journey is still ongoing I can honestly say that I would not hesitate coming back to Poland through Secret Surgery for any future surgery. Angela, Aga, Hanna and Dr Waclawawowicz are now my friends and I hope to remain in touch once back in the UK. You have all contributed to positively changing my son and my lives and feel overwhelmed at the life changes this surgery will bring to our lives. Thank you so much!

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Carole: My Vaser Lipo

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Today, Carole is here to tell us about her experience with Secret Surgery. Carole came to us for a tummy tuck first, and then came back for liposuction to complete her new look. You can read her story below.

How did it all start? After having a tummy tuck 5 weeks prior to my lipo it was time to go back to Poland for round two of my transformation. I had lost 8 stone in weight and my legs were a baggy, saggy mess!

And what did you want to have done? I was due to have lipo on the front, inside and rear of my thighs as well as around my knees. The first stage (front & inside of thighs) was supposed to have been done 5 days after my tummy tuck but due to my blood levels falling below a safe limit for surgery, I had to reschedule for all the Lipo to be done in March. As much as I was disappointed, I was also pleased that the surgical team were not willing to gamble with my health.

That’s good, and what about when you got here? March came and we arrived in Poland to 5 inches of snow, my medical was at the hospital on the same day and my bloods were normal… Phew! The morning of my operation Dr W came and asked me to show him exactly where I wanted the fat taken from, I showed him the areas that were a problem to me and he drew on these areas.

How were you feeling before the op? I was an emotional wreck before I went to the operating theatre, I couldn’t stop crying. I don’t know why I got myself so worked up, maybe it was because I knew it was an epidural and I wasn’t going to be asleep. After a few deep breaths and a good talk to myself I managed to calm down and was taken to the theatre.

How did it go? After my pre-med and sedation, I suddenly found that I had slept 2/3rds of the way through the operation. When I awoke Dr W was finishing off my legs and I was shown the fat they had taken out.. Yuk!! but it was very interesting to see.

Oh wow! And afterwards? I was taken to recovery where I stayed overnight, I was extremely sore and very swollen and thank God I had pain killers to help me cope with the pain. The next few days were very painful and I found myself walking Like John Wayne, sitting was difficult especially on a hard surface like the toilet! I didn’t sleep for long intervals for as soon as the painkillers wore off, I need more.

Did you heal quickly? It’s incredible that after about 4-5 days I was walking slowly into the town square, although still in pain I was able to cope with it. I found the recovery for this procedure was a lot quicker than the tummy tuck and I was able to get back to work a couple of weeks later. My legs are still a little bruised and swollen in places 4 weeks post op, but my support wear helps keep my legs secure and I can cope quite well with everyday life and work.

Excellent. Any final comments? I am just beginning to get back to exercise and although taking it slowly, I am getting there. I have had a great experience with secret surgery and the staff from the company and the medical staff in Poland. I am now saving for my 3rd procedure next year. Thank You to everyone concerned.

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Cosmetic Surgery is Big with Divorcees

divorceYou’ve just split with your husband or wife; it’s a tough time, sure, but the best thing to do is to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and carry on with life.

It seems that one way many divorcees are doing this is by treating themselves to a bit of cosmetic surgery; and, to be honest, why not? At first sight it might seem like a knee-jerk reaction to the shock of divorce, but actually it’s a very sensible decision to make – particularly if you’ve been pining after a little nip and a tuck for years.

It’s not all about showing your ex just what he’s missing, though; it can be scary being back in the dating game for the first time in years – or even decades – and who would blame you for wanting a little confidence boost to help you get back into the swing of things?

The important thing to remember is that when you make the decision to have cosmetic surgery, it’s a decision for life. It’s not something to rush into. But also, don’t worry if secretly you know that a recent break-up is partially what’s fuelling your desire for surgery; that’s totally normal! Splitting up from a long-term partner can bring some positives: it gives you the chance to be you again, whoever that might be!

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Carole: My Terrific Tummy Tuck

images (1)Today, Carole from Manchester is here to share her story of Secret Surgery – and all of its ups and downs. She seems very pleased, and even got a hernia sorted out while she was here!

How does your weight loss story start? After being an overweight child, overweight teenager and overweight adult… three children later and even more overweight, enough was enough!! I had tried every type of weight loss method possible and my weight at 19 1/2 stone was effecting my health, my job and my happiness. In 2007 I made one of the best decisions in my life and paid privately to have a gastric band fitted. Although I lost a total of 7 ½ stone and kept the weight off, I never realised the effects that loose and baggy skin would have on my life.

And was it then that you started looking into surgery? Two years ago I started my research into plastic surgery as I needed a Tummy Tuck and a leg lift. I had various consultations in the UK with different outcomes, but one thing was the same all the time, the fees were exceptionally high.

How did you find us? As I had my Gastric band fitted abroad, I decided to research into the possibility of having cosmetic surgery abroad too and that’s when I stumbled across Secret Surgery and I am so glad I did.

Why? Right from the onset when I contacted Angela, she seemed to have my best interests at heart. I sent photographs of my tummy and legs via Angela to Dr W in Wroclaw. The Dr decided that Vasor Lipo would be a better option for my legs and could certainly do the Tummy tuck and muscle tightening required.

What happened next? After speaking with my husband and family, speaking to other people who had treatment via Secret Surgery’s Facebook page and doing some online research, I was quite confident that Secret Surgery was for me and I paid my deposit.

And what was your experience coming here like? My Journey to Poland with my husband was arranged by Angela and her team and from the onset was very professional and very well organised. Arriving in Poland we were met by Jack our taxi driver who was polite and very helpful, after being taken to our very modern and comfortable apartment we spent the afternoon in the main town square which is a five minute walk from the apartments.

And what about the surgery? The following day I was taken to the hospital and met Aga from secret Surgery, she helped me with the medical forms and administration that needs to be completed and took me for a consultation with Dr W. Aga was there to translate for the Dr who spoke a small amount of English and was a lovely man, his main concern was that I got the results that I wanted from my surgery. He also found a hernia which didn’t know I had and decided to repair this during the tummy tuck. The following day I went to surgery for my Tummy Tuck, hernia and muscle repair and after just one day of recovering could not believe the fantastic results of my lovely new tummy.

Excellent! Were you pleased by your experience here? The hospital was fresh, bright and very, very clean and although sometimes there was a language barrier between myself and the nurses, they always managed to make themselves understood and were really nice. I was very impressed with the standard of hygiene and cleanliness at the hospital in general and also during treatments and dressing changes.

That’s fantastic to hear. I am three weeks post op now and am looking forward to going back to Poland in March for my vasor Lipo on my front and back of thighs. Thank you to everyone concerned for making my Surgery journey so far a very positive experience.

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Angela Chouaib on Why Multiple Procedures are a BAD Idea

angela chouaib secret surgery

Angela Chouaib

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery, gets asked about multiple procedures on a regular basis – ‘Can I get a tummy tuck with a boob job?’ or ‘How about a labiaplasty with breast implants’? The truth is, any surgeon could perform even ten procedures on a patient in one go, and you could have yourself a full body makeover! But Secret Surgery do not, and will not, do that. Here’s Angela Chouaib explaining why.

At Secret Surgery, we work to the highest standards and take the greatest care to ensure our patients’ safety. If that means that we don’t offer certain options to our patients, then… that’s how it goes! Just think of us as your cosmetic surgery parents – we know what’s best. There are six main reasons why multiple procedures are a BAD idea:

1. It’s not a good idea to keep anyone under general anesthetic for that many hours.

2. Post-surgery, the pain would be unbearable – trust me, nobody would want that!

3. A tired surgeon isn’t a good surgeon; the longer a surgery goes on for, the less alert and concentrated your surgeon will be. They can’t nip out for a coffee break halfway through your procedure!

4. Letting a surgeon concentrate on one specific procedure is more likely to mean really good results in one area than an overall average result across your  body.

5. The more areas we operate on, the more you are at risk of complications during healing.

6. Bacterial type varies in different parts of the body, and we don’t want to take the risk of cross-contamination – which we would be doing if we performed multiple surgeries!

We all know that waking up with a whole new body is a nice idea; but it’s just not safe. If you’re offered multiple surgeries at another clinic, please stop and make sure you’re not being offered ease and convenience at the cost of your own health. Remember – good things come to those who wait.

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5 Reasons to Consider Surgery Abroad

airplaneThere’s plenty of information on this blog and on the web about surgery abroad, and we at Secret Surgery know that our patients trust us implicitly. It’s natural to have concerns about undergoing surgery outside of the UK, and we like to feel that our UK-based aftercare, internationally recognised surgeons and English-speaking staff all help to reassure our patients that we offer the best quality care.

But, sometimes everybody needs a quick reminder of what’s good for them, right? So, today we’ve compiled our 5 top reasons to consider surgery abroad!

1. It’s a holiday, too! OK, so after your surgery you likely won’t be sightseeing around town, but you’ll get a chance to explore Wroclaw before your surgery, and there’s nothing better than getting to grips with a new city or a spot of shopping to take your mind off the upcoming surgery.

2. It’s an absolute bargain. Even after you factor in flights and accommodation, we offer top quality surgery at a fraction of the price you’ll find on Harley Street.

3. We know you’ve got your doubts, so we make even more of an effort to make you feel reassured. Through our blog and Facebook page we offer all of our patients the chance to share stories of their experiences with us, and we have staff on-hand *all the time* if you get cold feet while you’re over here. You won’t get that kind of attention in most surgeries in the UK.

4. You’ll get a great story out of it. When you’re telling all of your friends about your experiences abroad, there’ll be so much more to say – from the flight over here to the lovely Aga – it’s a lot more interesting than just popping down the road to your local (and expensive) clinic.

5. Last, but not least, is the level of quality which can be found abroad. UK clinics all meet a certain standard, but *some* clinics outside of the UK really do excel on quality. We like to think we’re one of them!

Of course, if you’re looking at other surgeries as well as us – do your research. You won’t have a bad experience abroad as long as you opt for the right clinic; make sure you know who you’re dealing with.

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I’ve Got You… Under My Skin

20121215-0215smallYes! It’s another blog getting under the skin of Secret Surgery! This time around, Patricia Palmer has told all about her life and her experience in the business. Patricia is one of our Patient Care Managers, and she’s based in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

What’s the biggest challenge in your job? The biggest challange of my job would be changing some peoples attitudes to surgery abroad as some people have heard some bad stories.

What’s the best part of your job? The best part of my job is all of it I’m very much a peoples person and I love talking to all sorts of different people and knowing that I am helping them change their lives is amazing.

What do you think you would have become if not a patient care manager? If I hadn’t become a patient care manager at Secret Surgery I would still be a full time childminder – my own way of helping others and I’m a big kid at heart!

If you were to treat yourself to some surgery, what would you have? I have had weight loss surgery and a tummy tuck. If I could have another surgery it would be a breast uplift as that would be my journey complete – I think thats what makes all the paitent care managers very special at Secret Surgery; we have all been in most people’s shoes so we understand how they feel and we can answer all the questions honestly.

How do you like to relax after a long day? Well I would normally spend it with my two boys as they do keep me busy and once they’re off to bed I like to go on Secret Surgery’s Facebook page as I have met a lovely bunch of people on there! We would have people on there asking questions and it’s nice to be there 7 days a week to support them.

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From Big George to Boy George

boy-george-plastic-surgeryBoy George has impressed everyone as he recently lost a whole load of weight. Did he successfully battle the bulge through diet and exercise, or did he get a little help from cosmetic surgery?

The 51-year-old 80s icon tweeted a photograph of his new slim figure last week, which shows him looking rather good! We don’t doubt that he’s achieved something great through diet and exercise, but the photos show no loose skin – which indicates that he might have indulged in some lifts or tucks to get rid of any excess skin that might have been left behind.

In any case, Boy George is looking better than ever – better than he even did in the 80s, we think! It goes to show just how much difference you can make to your appearance through good habits, even if he did go under the knife to perfect the finishing touches!

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My Secret Surgery Tummy Tuck!

flat_tummy1Krissy, from Yorkshire, came to us at Secret Surgery for a tummy tuck after finding us online. She’s here today to tell her story – and what a story it is!

How did you find us? I started researching tummy tucks in August 2012 after having had 6 children my tummy was full of excess skin. I contacted a few different company’s both here in England and abroad, then stumbled upon secret surgery.

And you liked what you saw? From the first telephone call I was put at ease and that was that, I had chosen my company, Cath and Angela arranged everything from the surgery, apartments, flights to having food delivered at the apartments all I had to do was turn up at the airport. When I arrived in Poland I was met by Aga, who is genuinely a lovely and caring person, she ran through what will be happening and when over my 7 day stay.

What did you think of our facilities? The hospital was very clean the staff were are great even though the language barrier with some nurses was a little hard at times but they were fab!! The food was great, and after my operation Dr W came to check on me and my scar every day, there was some pain but the nurses gave painkillers as soon as I asked them for it, I was over the moon with the results from the second I saw which made all the pain worth while.

Were you comfortable here? The apartments were fab, very clean and spacious with upto date decor and very comfy to recover in, I had 2 fantastic surgery buddies even though they were there with their partners they all took me under their wings and looked after me as I went alone.

And what about since you got back to the UK? I have had continued care on my return and I must of asked a million and one questions since I booked my procedure and always had responses without me feeling like I’m being a pain!

Excellent! Any final words? All in all this has been one of the most biggest things I’ve been through and I couldn’t imagine going with another company the care of Angela, Cath, Aga, Dr W, Jack (the taxi driver who is great) has made it one of the best experiences of my life so I thank you all at Secret Surgery for my new tummy and my new life!

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The Importance of Keeping Your Expectations in Check

1299313940K75TTRWhen you’re considering cosmetic surgery of any kind – from the littlest nose job to the biggest gastric bypass – it’s important to remember that keeping your expectations realistic is of top importance. If you walk into surgery expecting something that’s never going to happen, you’re bound to walk out feeling disappointed.

This is why asking the right questions – and keeping your expectations in check – is one of the most important things you can do during your surgery consultation. If you’re going through something like liposuction, ask how much fat will actually be taken from the area you’re looking at, or if you’ve opted for bariatric surgery, ask how quickly – or slowly! – you will lose weight after the op.

Another thing it’s important to remember is that recovery times are just a necessary part of surgery. All operations will have recovery times, and you won’t be the belle of the ball as soon as you wake up – you might still be in pain, or have swellings, and this is normal. Knowing what to expect after surgery will make it much more easy to deal with when you wake up.

Just remember – you’re not doing this by yourself. If you want a better idea of what to expect, ASK your consultant. Read through previous patient stories here, and tell people about your concerns. The only way to find out is to ask – and that’s what we’re here for!

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Cara’s Tummy Tuck Trip to Poland

0905-flat-absCara recently came to Poland to undergo a tummy tuck with us. In this candid interview, she has told all about the ups and downs of her surgery. All in all, she definitely seems pleased, although her tale might ring true with anyone who worries about feeling lonely or scared during their stay.

How does your story start? I started looking at surgery long before I lost all my weight, I joined slimming world and went on to lose 9 stone, not being happy with the loose skin I visited the doctors only to be turned away, he also told me at this point that no amount of diet or exercise would ever get rid of that skin.

How did you hear of us? Six-ish months ago I came across Secret Surgery after someone told me about it, I thought I would go and have a nose around, but I never dreamt I would would ever be able to afford to get it done. That being said I contacted the company, sent them my pictures and got a quote – it was actually cheaper than I had ever imagined. I spoke with my husband and we soon decided to book in with the company for 5 months later, giving me time to save for the op.

And what happened in February? On Feb 3rd 2013 we headed for Bristol where hubby and I spent the night for our anniversary before heading to the airport the next day early. I checked in and the hubby and I went and got a bite to eat and a drink… I was so scared – I have never flown before! Left hubby and went through all the security checks, I was frisked when I went through but hey I guess it’s all part of the experience. It was soon time to board the plane, I arrived in Wroclaw, Poland 15 mins early, collected my luggage and went outside where I was met by the taxi driver Jack – he is such a lovely man.

Where did Jack take you? I was taken straight to the hospital where I was met by Aga, I filled out all the forms and then I met Dr W for the first time for a consultation and he asked me what I wanted done and what my expectations were. I said that I wanted to lose the flap of skin and gain a belly button and then I would be over the moon. I also had an ECG during this time which they told me they wanted to repeat later as apparently I was tacky cardic, I was extremely nervous though, I have never felt so scared in my life.

Did you feel better later? I was shown to my room where I got the chance to relax and calm down, later that day another lady joined my room she was Polish but lives in Germany but spoke English so we got chatting, I guess this kind of made me take my mind off the op, later that evening they came and took blood from us both and gave us an injection to prevent blood clots etc… I was also taken by a nurse for my 2nd ECG which I never did hear the results of. I was told my op wouldn’t be till lunchtime the next day. And that I was to go nil by mouth from midnight.

What happened on the day of the op? The next day I got up had a shower in the special soap they give you and donned the very fetching gown, the nurses came in soon after came in to insert an I.V. in my hand – ouch – I was actually very shocked that they got the I.V. in my hand as nobody usually manages to and I usually end up with it in my arm. I then had a long relaxing wait till my op. While waiting I got a visit from the lovely Carol, another Secret Surgery lady, while she was there I was given my pre-meds. At around 2pm I was taken to theatre… And the next thing I knew I had woken in recovery, the doctor came to see me and informed me that I had a nice new flat stomach – I was so pleased!

And after the op? The next day I was taken back to the room and I met my new stomach for the first time, I was all smiles! Thursday, my drains were removed and I was discharged back to the apartment where all my shopping had been delivered too.

It sounds like you enjoyed your time here? I was so glad I went over when two others ladies had gone over and that we were put in touch, as I went over on my own and I think maybe I would have felt a little lost in translation. I went home on the Monday after a final dressings change at the hospital. I had had my stitches removed back home here on Wednesday, the lady kept saying to me tell me if I hurt you, with a numb stomach I couldn’t feel a thing lol.

Would you go again? All in all I had an amazing experience. Would I do it again? Maybe, but not on my own.

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