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Vaser Liposuction Patient Story

vaser liposuction in polandMy experience has been nothing but positive from my perspective I’d dreamt of vaser lipo for about 2-3yrs after a friend mentioned it to me after watching This Morning!

All the UK firms treated me like some meat on a conveyor belt and a mobile cash machine! It was only after a friend mentioned looking at having surgery abroad that I stumbled upon secret surgery.

The difference in care, support, price, friendships etc since discovering Secret Surgery has changed my life. As for the lipo, I wanted to get rid of my muffin top and marsupial pouch (as I called it) after having 2 kids in quick succession. So, much to the shock of all my friends (thanks mainly to the shock horror stories from the media) I headed out to Poland alone for the procedure.

I was so confident in Angela and Secret Surgery, I knew there was nothing to fear. The apartment was amazing, gr8 location and right in the city centre to venture round. Jack & Aga were fabulous and always contactable as was Angela. The hospital was jaw dropping amazing. Not all the nurses speak English so could sometimes be difficult in communicating but there was always an English speaking nurse somewhere on duty.

Dr W is a man of few words…. But a surgeon genius. He removed 2.5litres of fat and the results were immediate. I must admit for me there was considerable discomfort immediately after surgery and for 2wks after and the corset they tell you to wear, I wore for much longer (day & night) for probably 4-6wks but that was just a personal thing.

I used arnica salve every day to reduce bruising. I also massage my abdo every day and do regular exercises specifically in that area. When I first looked into this, I kind of ignored everyone who said this procedure isn’t a quick fix… It is and it isn’t, I still invest my time and energy into looking after the gr8 work of Dr W (the scars have virtually disappeared unless u look really close!) and 8mths on the results are as good as the day after surgery.

You’ll experience highs and lows after surgery as there are points during early recovery where you go a bit lumpy and you think to yourself ‘what the hell have I done’ but again, for me Angela was there throughout my journey giving insight, advice, reassurance etc… and still is; the care doesn’t just stop once the surgery is complete and the plane back on UK soil.

I hope this brief introduction of my experience helps others reach the right decision as to whether this procedure is for you or not. I cannot fault the company, team, hospital, clinicians (and anyone else involved behind the scenes.


Not seen our forum? Get in there!

secret surgery website1For those readers who want even more Secret Surgery low-down, we’ve got just the thing for you. If you haven’t yet seen our website’s new forum, then it’s time to head over there and get posting. You can find it on the main site here.

The Secret Surgery forum is the perfect place to ask for advice, information and support from surgery experts, past patients, and friends you’ve yet to meet! We hope that everyone using the forum gets something out of it, whether it’s a titbit of advice you’d never heard before or a new friend.

You can post on just about any topic relating to Secret Surgery and what we do, from diet advice and weight loss to patient stories and travel advice. And don’t worry – we do moderate it, so you don’t need to worry about trolls lurking in every thread!

So if you haven’t already, come and join us in our Secret Surgery forum for more gossip and girl giggles!

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Last tickets to Secret Surgery’s Christmas Adventure 2013!

71Last year we held a VIP trip to Wroclaw for our very special friends, patients and readers; well, it was so successful that we thought we’d do the same again this year! We promised a lot of you last year that it wouldn’t be the last time we saw you, and we hope you’ll join us for the same fun and frolics again this year.

The trip is open to everyone, whether you’ve been a previous patient or you’d just like to meet us and see what being a part of the Secret Surgery family is all about. It’ll be taking place from Friday 6th December to Monday 10th, and regional flights are available from Liverpool, the East Midlands, Bristol and Stansted  – so there’s no excuse not to come!

There’ll be a meal out every evening of the trip, and we’ve organised a guided tour around the city on Saturday. On Sunday, you’ll get a tour of the hospital, a presentation, and… our favourite bit… a goody bag! So you’ll have something to remember your trip with.

If you’re still not convinced, just take a look at this video of last year’s trip… and tell us is doesn’t look amazing!

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Julie Atkins Lancaster featured in Woman’s Own magazine!

julie lancaster womans own magazineEven MORE press coverage for us! This week, the lovely Julie Atkins Lancaster was featured in Woman’s Own magazine in a segment about her experience with cosmetic surgery abroad. Julie underwent a tummy tuck with us after losing lots of weight and giving birth to her three children by C-section. She’s a very brave lady, and she decided to tell the rest of the UK about her experience with us – and it sounds fantastic!

We’re always happy to hear when our patients tell us about how happy they are with the work we’ve done, and when it gets shared with the world like this – well, we’re over the moon. Julie deserves all the attention she gets for looking absolutely gorgeous!

You can pick up the issue of Woman’s Own magazine already, it’s the July 22nd edition and Julie’s spot is featured on the cover and inside. we hope that this article helps a lot of women to make the brave decision to go through with surgery – because, at the end of the day, being happy with your body is the most important thing about your body. Whether you’re big, small, or just right – be happy!

So, go on – read all about Julie’s fantastic tummy tuck and weight loss with Angela from Secret Surgery!

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BBC5 Live – covering Secret Surgery abroad!

2168639You might remember that just a couple of weeks ago we were featured in an article by the Guardian about surgery abroad, focusing on the reasons why more and more patients are looking overseas for their surgery. Well, there’s even more good news – BBC Radio 5 featured a segment this week about surgery abroad as well!

The feature discusses the general trend of surgery abroad, and also focuses on a hospital in Poland which offers low-cost surgery to patients from the UK, among other countries. In an interview with the hospital manager, it’s clear that the people running this Polish hospital know how to run a safe, secure facility. During one part of the interview, the interviewer even notes how the Polish hospital features laminate as opposed to carpet, which is more often seen in the UK. Laminate is easier to clean than carpet, and thus actually a much more hygienic choice!

The feature also includes a short interview with a panel of experts at the end. To listen to the Radio 5 feature you can click on this link. It’s nice to see that surgery abroad is getting some positive press over here in the UK – for far too long the media have been too focused on believing old myths about overseas surgeries being unclean and sub-par; hopefully features like this will help to show the people of the UK that this is no longer the case.

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Cosmetic surgery and kids: where do we draw the line?

Cosmetic surgery: Adults only!

Cosmetic surgery: Adults only!

Lots of our kids will grow up to one day have cosmetic surgery – and that’s not a bad thing. The fact that they have the option to choose cosmetic surgery to make them look and feel the way they want to should be celebrated, because it’s a lot more freedom than humans have had in the past.

However, cosmetic surgery is a sensitive topic around kids. We don’t want to bring our kids up to feel insecure about themselves, and so while they might realise that mummy’s had a tummy tuck, we need to make sure that they don’t feel that they need a tummy tuck too – because they’re just kids!

A recent report in one British tabloid suggested that in the US, over 24,000 teenagers undergo cosmetic surgery in a year. That’s a little high! The problem is that these teens are still growing into their bodies, and realising what they do and don’t like about themselves; if they’re anything like I was as a teen, they’re also probably much more concerned by what other people think than what they themselves think!

At Secret Surgery, we can’t stress enough how much we think surgery is about how you feel about yourself. And this is where the problem lies in children and teens being interested in cosmetic surgery – they’re still learning their own minds. The cosmetic surgery industry has a difficult task ahead: to rid itself of the stigma that cosmetic surgery is bad, at the same time as convincing kids and parents that it’s only for grown-ups!

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Why have surgery?

imagesIt sounds like an obvious question with one answer: because I want to change my body. But it’s not always this simple – and actually, many people have different reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery. Some of them are better than others – so let us tell you which reasons to have surgery are good ones, and which ones are bad ones.

5 good reasons to have surgery

  1. “I want to be healthier.” This is a fantastic reason to undergo something like bariatric surgery – the best.
  2. “I’ve tried everything else, and I’m sure this is my only option.” When it comes to things like weight loss surgery, we need to make sure that you’ve tried to do it the easier way – diet and exercise.
  3. “I have low self-esteem, and surgery will really help me.” What’s surgery for if it isn’t to make you feel better about yourself?
  4. “I’ve always hated my nose/ears/boobs, and this is my opportunity to become who I’ve always wanted to be.” Yep – always be yourself.
  5. “I wanted to treat myself, and this is something just for me.” That’s right – it’s just for you.

5 bad reasons to have surgery

  1. “My partner wanted me to do it.” It’s got to be for you – it doesn’t matter what your partner thinks.
  2. “My friends think I would look better this way.” But what do YOU think?
  3. “It’s easier than diet and exercise.” No, it isn’t. Weight loss surgery should never be considered the easy option.
  4. “I just suddenly thought it might be a good idea.” Surgery is a very serious decision, so think it over very carefully first.
  5. “I think it will make me happy.” There’s a difference between having more confidence and being happy. Make sure you understand that surgery can make you feel better about the way you look, but it won’t change anything else in your life!

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