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Multiple Procedure feedback

cosmetic surgery abroad poland Two weeks ago I had my arm lift with Secret Surgery (the forth surgery with them) I trust and feel very comfortable with Angela , Dr Waclawowicz , Aga and Jack.
Everything is perfect with them ,from airport collecting me , to my operation and recovery. They treat me and look after me really well. Angela is the angel of secret surgery, she spoke every day with my children to update them with the operation.
I enjoy the time i spend in Poland, and i want to thank them all for this fantastic experience.


Real People: Savings on surgery abroad

savings on surgery abroad real people magazineOne of the sections in our latest feature in Real People magazine detailed the savings that you can make by opting to have surgery abroad rather than in the UK. The feature gave some fantastic examples of surgery costs in the UK and elsewhere, and shows just how much you can save if you put your mind to it – and just how much UK surgeons really milk you for all you’ve got!

Some of the best examples from the article are:

  • Liposuction in the Czech Republic costs, on average, £1,800 compared to £3,540 in the UK.
  • A tummy tuck in Poland would cost £2,096 compared to £5,660 in the UK.
  • A facelift in Poland would cost £2,220 compared to £6,950 in the UK.

These examples are all from Europe, but the article also details the costs if you want to fly out to Thailand or Malaysia. Of course, it’s cheaper to travel to Europe than Asia, but if you’re desperate for an Eastern holiday then why not combine the two?

Hopefully this feature will go some way to convincing the general public that surgery abroad isn’t something to be avoided – and it shows that it’s not just countries like Poland which have cheaper prices than the UK – just about everywhere does!

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5 things to remember before embarking on a cosmetic surgery adventure

cosmetic_surgery1Cosmetic surgery can do wonderful things for all kinds of people, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy ride. Before you make the decision to undergo any kind of cosmetic surgery, it’s important to consider all of your options, and make sure the decision you’re making is right for you. Here are our top tips on 5 things to remember when you’re making the plunge:

  1. There is no such thing as too much research. Learn anything and everything you can about ever surgery clinic that you’re considering, and make sure you aren’t simply taken in by adverts. Find out the facts.
  2. Choose a company that you get on with. You’re going to need to talk to your surgeon, consultant or nurse about some fairly intimate details, so make sure you go with a company whose staff you actually like.
  3. Know exactly what you want, and what you’re going to get. Don’t be taken in by surgeons who try to push more procedures on you than you really want, and know what kind of results you can expect from your surgery before you’re seeing them firsthand.
  4. Stop believing in magic. While surgeons are pretty good with their hands, they’re not Derren Brown. We can’t make you look completely different, but we can make you look more like the you you want to be.
  5. Give yourself plenty of time for recovery after the procedure. Don’t take our recovery estimates as certainties and book in lots of parties and events for two weeks after your surgery, because you may well need even longer to feel tip top. Keep a clean diary for the whole month.

Of course, if we had all day there’s a lot more we could tell you, but these five tips should help out when it comes to planning a cosmetic surgery procedure. It’s a big deal, and it’s important to make sure that everything’s ready for when you go under the knife. Happy surgery hunting!

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Latest Tummy Tuck patient feedback

secret surgery review customer feedback complaint


Today I woke up to a wonderful email from a special lady that is in Poland at present. She had her procedure a week ago it said:

I can’t knock the service Secret Surgery has provided. I feel like a completely new person, and I mean that honestly! Angela you have made it so easy for me to do and I sincerely thank you for your help, guidance and support. I will defo be doing extra bits and you will b top of my contact list!

Are Celebs a Good Advert for Cosmetic Surgery?

imagesWe’re as guilty as the rest of the British media for occasionally speculating that some celeb or other has indulged in a little surgery – but, hey, we’re hardly going to be critical about it, are we? However, it’s interesting to wonder whether celebs really are a good advertisement for cosmetic surgery.

When celebrities have plastic surgery and it goes well, there isn’t a lot to say. We praise their good looks and move on with our lives – and a lot of the time, it’s difficult to tell whether they’ve even had surgery, because the change is so seamless and natural. This is definitely the case with younger celebs; who knows if Vanessa Hudgens’s nose is real or not? What’s more – who cares? It looks great!

Of course, good celebrity surgery isn’t the kind which is often discussed in the media. A lot of newspapers and magazines like to draw our attention to the surgery that’s gone wrong, rather than the surgery that’s gone right. This means that the occasional botched boob jobs and overly-luscious lips get a lot of press, while all those thousands of procedures which go off without a hitch don’t!

Cosmetic surgery mistakes can happen to anyone, it’s true. However, in some cases – and, I suspect, moreso with celebrities – it’s the fault of the surgeon and the clinic. If your client comes to you with a request which you know is going to look ridiculous – or keeps requesting breast enlargement after breast enlargement – then it’s your job, as the consultant, to step in. We don’t offer surgery to those who clearly won’t be helped by it – and a lot of these ‘celebrity botch jobs’ are the result of people working in the cosmetic surgery who just can’t say ‘no’.

We hope that some of you remember, next time one of these stories appears in the paper, that this isn’t a common occurrence in this industry. In the meantime, we’ll try and remind everyone that plenty of totally gorgeous celebs opt for cosmetic surgery all the time – and come out of it looking even better. So, cheers to them!

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Debbie: My Surgery Rollercoaster

face liftToday, we have a very brave lady here to tell us her story about Secret Surgery. Her experience with cosmetic surgery didn’t go quite as smoothly as planned – though it turns out for the best in the long run, she’s very glad she came to us for help! Find out more about Debbie’s plastic surgery rollercoaster ride, below.

How does your story start? Upon deciding that I was fed up with looking in the mirror at someone who looked a lot older than I felt, that wasn’t me, I decided to look into my options. Fillers etc were fine, cheaper but a less permanent/lasting effect so surgery was I decided the right option for me. Now where to go, I started my search in England and quickly found out that it was expensive, far more than I thought it would be.

And how did you find us? I decided to look further afield and remembered an article around secret surgery, I looked them up and liked what I saw, not least of all the price and support offered were excellent and after a bit of research and umming and ahhing made the booking.

What about when you got here? I arrived in Poland, nervous but very excited. I went straight to the hospital and after a couple of tests settled into my room to await the surgery the next day. I received a text that evening to say that there was an issue with my blood test but I put that out of my head and settled down. In the morning I went with the surgeon who informed me that my blood count was too low and that, regrettably, they would not be able to carry out the surgery. It was suggested I see my GP upon my return to the UK as this is not normal.

Oh no! What happened next? My disappointment was immeasurable and while the sensible part of me knew the right decision had been made I was devastated and desperately hoped that it was all a bad dream and that it would go ahead. No such thing happened and back to the UK I came, minus the surgery!

How were you feeling at this point? I was impressed by the fact that they did not just “take the money and run” my health was the priority to ensure the best possible outcome and recovery process, – although at the time I did not necessarily agree with them! I did go to my GP and after various tests I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, a condition that I knew nothing about and had absolutely no symptoms for!!

Did you go back to Secret Surgery? I went back to Poland once my iron levels were restored to normal levels, feeling far better than I had in ages – even though I had not been feeling unwell before!! My surgery has been a success and I am well on the way to being fully healed.

And how was your experience with us? The service I received when I was in Poland was wonderful, my dietary requirements, which I was a bit worried about, were fully catered to (yes, I am now one of those “fussy” people!!) Anyway the moral of the tale – get yourself checked out before you go abroad, it could save you money and a lot of heartache and disappointment.

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Can Plastic Surgery Boost Your Career?

Career-Goal-Personal-LeadershipIt’s likely a question that pops into the minds of some people who are considering surgery: can plastic surgery boost my career? If you’re looking into plastic surgery only to boost your career, then you probably ought to give a second thought to your decision – but there can be a bonus in it for people who want to boost their own confidence.

Alright, so we’ve mentioned confidence – and that can do wonders in itself. Most people opt for surgery because there’s something about themselves that they just aren’t comfortable with – and feeling better about this can boost your confidence tenfold. This doesn’t just affect your social life, but your work life too. Collagues and clients will notice it, and if you’ve got job interviews lined up, your interviewers will notice it too.

Now, that’s not all. A lot of stats and studies fly around suggesting that women with bigger breasts or whiter teeth do better at work and interviews. The theory goes that, as much as we try not to, we judge other people by the way they look and sound as much as by what they say and do.

Whatever the case, I know one thing: the better you look, the better you feel. And that’ll keep you flying high in your career as well as your personal life!

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