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Secret Surgery featured in the Guardian and on the BBC!

The-Guardian-LogoSome of you have likely already noticed Secret Surgery crop up around the British media this week – last Friday we got national coverage in both the Guardian and on BBC Breakfast. You can find the Guardian article here, which features a chat with Guardian-article-budget-flights-cheaper-operations1Angela Chouaib, Secret Surgery’s founder and managing director.

Angela had a chat with the Guardian and told them how it really works when you go for surgery abroad, including the fact that with Secret Surgery, the surgeons and hospitals that you get for your money are just as good – if not better – as the ones you’ll get in the UK.

We’re also pleased to see that the reporters at the paper found from surgery patients themselves that the majority of surgery abroad experiences are positive ones. They do, of course, point out that some patients experience complications, but any surgeon who doesn’t warn you of the risk of complications isn’t doing his job. All surgeries come with risks, whether you undergo them in Poland or London.

It’s good to see the British media taking a balanced and fair view of the overseas cosmetic surgery industry – we hope to see more of this in the future!

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Is 2013 Your Year for Change?

A lot of us see new years as symbolic of new starts: we’ve got a whole twelve months ahead of us, and what better way to spend them than totally revamping ourselves? The thought that next Christmas you could be three sizes slimmer and twice as fit is a tempting one, and that’s why resolutions, diets and gym memberships are flying around like crazy at this time of the year.

Rarely, however, do we ask ourselves the truly important questions first: am I ready for this change? Sometimes, diets fail with our motivations levels, but sometimes we just simply aren’t ready to take them on. Undergoing major cosmetic surgery is similar – some people just aren’t ready for it. How can you tell if 2013 is your year?

Well, first off – are you sure you’re doing this for you? It sounds silly - of course I want to be slimmer, you might think – but sometimes, our hearts just aren’t in it. If you’re unhappy with your nose or your bum or your boobs because your boyfriend or your friends seem to think they’re lacking, but you like them… well, you’re not really unhappy with them, are you?woman-thinking

And then, even if you do want it, are you sure you have the time, energy and commitment for it? Many procedures entail taking a little time off work, and you may have to be patient before experiencing the results. You certainly can’t expect to have your surgery in the first week of February and be ready and healed up by Valentine’s Day!

If you’ve really thought about it and decide that yes – 2013 is your year – then don’t hesitate! We’re here to help everyone through the process of cosmetic surgery, and we make sure everyone is ready before they have surgery with us!

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Joanne’s Tummy Tuck Journey


Undergoing a tummy tuck might not make you quite as tough as Frodo and Gandalf, but in our opinion, it certainly is an epic journey of its own. Joanne came to Secret Surgery for a tummy tuck recently, and today’s she going to share her journey – and all of its highs and lows – with us.

Let’s start at the beginning. “My journey started in May 2010 when I discovered that my blood pressure was so high I was at risk of having a stroke. This was due to me being six stone overweight – I was a size 22 and weighed 15 stone! The next day I joined a slimming club and in six months had lost three stone, which in turn led to me starting to exercise and then running.

And can you tell us what happened the next year? “In May 2011 I had hit my target weight and was now a size 14; me being me, that was not good enough and I continued running every day. By August 2011 I had slimmed to a size 10 , and had a fantastic new man in my life!”

Well that’s great – isn’t it? “But this weight loss, being big for 10 years and having two kids had taken its toll. I had loose skin on my tummy which hung down and looked like a deflated balloon! I was desperately unhappy with my body yet again.

So how did you hear about us? ” One of my friends had had the same problem, and she told me she had booked surgery with a company called Secret Surgery, in Poland. She showed me the Facebook group, and I read all the positive reviews, and felt totally reassured by these. She came back from her surgery a different woman! The results were fantastic, and I decided then and there that this was the company for me.”

What was your experience of Secret Surgery like? “From the first time I contacted Secret Surgery, they were totally professional in every way. Angela, the founder, was so helpful, my fight and accommodation were booked for me, and I was put in contact with two other ladies having the same op in the same week! It was a fabulous idea – we talked to each other on the closed Secret Surgery site and got excited together! Everyone else at the hospital – Aga and Dr. W. in particular – was great.”

And… what we’re all waiting for – the op? “I was taken down to the operation room by the nurses, and made to feel totally at ease. When I woke up, a few hours later, my every need was catered for. Pain relief was excellent, and I had a very comfortable night’s stay. I was transferred back to my room the next day and met up with my surgery buddy, my dressings were changed every day, and Dr. W. answered any questions I had!”

And after the op? “A couple of days later I was driven to my modern, homely apartment by Jack, the Secret Surgery driver. He was a wonderful and charming man – and knew Wroclaw like the back of his hand. We stayed in the apartment for five days, with my dressings changed at the hospital every day and visits from Aga and Dr. W reassured me that everything was well. In my last few days, I was well enough to sightsee around the city, and I said my goodbyes to Aga and Dr. W.

One final question: are you pleased you went? “I am 100% happy with the results of my op! I cannot thank Secret Surgery enough for changing my life and making the whole thing so easy. They are a professional, friendly company who I would have no hesitation in recommending. I will keep in contact with any concerns in my recovery – though I’ve got none yet!”

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Is Rihanna Going to Plump For a Little Cosmetic Surgery?

It’s easy to think that it’s only us ‘norms’ who constantly see the flaws in our own bodies, but that’s not true; in a recent interview, Rihanna – who, let’s face it, most of us would kill to look like – has her insecurities too.

The 24-year-old star is going to be seen in the upcoming issue of Harper’s Bazaar. After losing some weight, it sounds like Rihanna is lamenting the loss of one of her favourite features. “I miss my ass,” she says. “It just went away! I need a butt. I have an idea of one, but it’s not living up to its full potential right now.”

Cosmetic surgery could well be the solution that Rihanna turns to in a few years’ time; if the young star if after a fuller, bouncier bum, then buttock augmentation surgery, or even a Brazillian buttlift, could be just what the doctor ordered.

Of course, I don’t think Rihanna is desperately in need of cosmetic surgery, having a body to die for, but that’s not for anyone to say but her! After all, cosmetic surgery is all about feeling happy with your own body.

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd., says that “Rihanna’s got a gorgeous body, but if she wants to fill out her bum a little without putting on more weight, cosmetic surgery might just be her best bet. Unfortunately, the only way to get a bigger bum without surgery is to put on weight – and you never know where it’s going to end up!”

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Fancy Spicing Up Your Love Life?

ImageWe all – occasionally – feel that our love lives could do with a bit of a kick, I’m sure, but I can’t be the only one who has heard someone say “I just don’t quite enjoy it the way I once used to”. If pleasing your partner starts feeling like a challenge, rather than a pleasure, it’s maybe time to start thinking about why this is.

A recent study has claimed that women with breast implants get more pleasure in bed than they did before they had their enhancements, according to the Daily Mail. The paper also reported that US chat show host Bethenny Frankel agrees, having spoken recently about her own experiences with breast enhancements.

“After having gone from an 32A cup to a 32FF, all of a sudden, the part of my body that had always been an embarrassment to me, became something that I was proud of and could feel confident while being with a partner.” said Ms. Frankel. “It is not just about the ability to impress a man. It’s about feeling self-confident within, which enables you to enjoy a sexual experience more freely and uninhibited.”

According to a survey by, 61% of women found they were having more sex after their enlargements, and 70% of women admitted their satisfaction from sex had increased. The truth is, cosmetic surgery isn’t just about feeling more confident; it’s about being able to relax, enjoy yourself, and loosen up.

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd., says that “Cosmetic surgery is all about making you feel more at ease in your own skin. Whether that helps you to perform well at work, in bed, or at home – or all three – is up to how you feel about yourself. It’s not about being bigger; it’s about being you.”

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Keeping Things Local with Face Lifts

ImageThere’s a bit of a debate in the cosmetic surgery industry at the moment about whether face lifts should be performed with the patient under local or general anaesthetic; if you come along to Secret Surgery to have such a procedure, it’ll be done under local anaesthetic – and here’s why.

When we perform face lifts with local anaesthetic, the procedure is safer, more affordable for you, and it produces better surgery results; and I can’t think of anything else one might look for in a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Under local anaesthetic the cost of the procedure is at least 20% less than it is under general anaesthetic; you’ll avoid all the risks that come with deeper anaesthetics, and also be up and on your feet much more quickly than if you undergo a general anaesthetic.

Of course, there’s also no point paying for cosmetic surgery if you don’t get good results at the end of it all. While under general anaesthesia, our bodies have absolutely no muscle tone at all; this means that face lifts performed like this often look ‘too tight’, because there’s no muscle tone there to indicate to the surgeon when to stop pulling. Face lifts can also be ruined by potential side effects to general anaesthesia, including nausea and vomiting.

At Secret Surgery, we know how to have fun – but we’re also top professionals in our field. Our procedures are some of the best in the world, and you can rely on us to get a job done without taking any shortcuts. And it’s not just us who think so.

Emma Caston, Clinic Manager at Persona Cosmetic Medicine, says “Secret Surgery offer a first-class service with client care being their top priority. Safe in this knowledge, we now offer Secret Surgery to all of our clients; we know that they’ll be well looked after during their procedure, with the reassurance of the UK post-care being kept in-house under the direction of Dr Lisa Delamaine”.

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Secret Surgery’s Hospital Gets the Euro 2012 Seal of Approval

WroclawThere’s more exciting news on the football front: It has recently been decided that the EMC Hospital in Wroclaw which is the preferred partner hospital of Secret Surgery has been selected a the Medical Centre for UEFA Euro 2012; the year’s biggest event in football.

While the Private hospital’s location in the beautiful city of Wroclaw is enough to turn heads in itself, the hospital’s visitors were impressed by the out patients clinic’s high standards of hygiene, healthcare and facilities, and consider the Wroclaw clinic to be one of the best possible.euro2012 award secret surgery

This is great news for healthcare in Wroclaw; it’s testament to the high quality of care offered throughout the country. Many potential patients might feel intimidated at the thought of being treated elsewhere in Europe – what is the standard of treatment like there? Will it be clean? Will it be comfortable?

The answer is YES! It’ll be just as clean, comfortable and safe as receiving treatment in the UK; if it’s good enough for international footballers, well, it’s good enough for me. Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd., says “Congratulations to the Multi-Award winning EuroMediCare hospital in Wroclaw! Their being chosen as an official heath centre for the Euro Cup 2012 is something that everyone in the Wroclaw healthcare industry can be proud of.”

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Yummy Mummy Makeover in Poland Video

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