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Angela Chouaib on Why Multiple Procedures are a BAD Idea

angela chouaib secret surgery

Angela Chouaib

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery, gets asked about multiple procedures on a regular basis – ‘Can I get a tummy tuck with a boob job?’ or ‘How about a labiaplasty with breast implants’? The truth is, any surgeon could perform even ten procedures on a patient in one go, and you could have yourself a full body makeover! But Secret Surgery do not, and will not, do that. Here’s Angela Chouaib explaining why.

At Secret Surgery, we work to the highest standards and take the greatest care to ensure our patients’ safety. If that means that we don’t offer certain options to our patients, then… that’s how it goes! Just think of us as your cosmetic surgery parents – we know what’s best. There are six main reasons why multiple procedures are a BAD idea:

1. It’s not a good idea to keep anyone under general anesthetic for that many hours.

2. Post-surgery, the pain would be unbearable – trust me, nobody would want that!

3. A tired surgeon isn’t a good surgeon; the longer a surgery goes on for, the less alert and concentrated your surgeon will be. They can’t nip out for a coffee break halfway through your procedure!

4. Letting a surgeon concentrate on one specific procedure is more likely to mean really good results in one area than an overall average result across your  body.

5. The more areas we operate on, the more you are at risk of complications during healing.

6. Bacterial type varies in different parts of the body, and we don’t want to take the risk of cross-contamination – which we would be doing if we performed multiple surgeries!

We all know that waking up with a whole new body is a nice idea; but it’s just not safe. If you’re offered multiple surgeries at another clinic, please stop and make sure you’re not being offered ease and convenience at the cost of your own health. Remember – good things come to those who wait.

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All About the Pubic Lift

A public lift – know what it is? It sounds a little like a kind of weird exercise, but actually it’s a cosmetic surgery procedure! In a nutshell: it’s a face lift for your vagina. As women age, the ‘mound’ around the vagina can get a little saggy and depressed, and a pubic lift is perfect for revitalizing your downstairs department – and your love life.

A good pubic lift also goes hand in hand with a spot of liposuction; the liposuction can get rid of any excess fat around the area, and a public lift will remove the extra skin and tissue left behind after the lipo. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to get lipo, too – many women find they only need a pubic lift.

If this little heard-of procedure sounds like it might be for you, you can attend any of our UK clinics for a consultation, in which you can really work out if this is for you. You don’t have to be ‘over the hill’ to consider a public lift – they’re for any woman who feels self-conscious and concerned about her genitalia.

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Fancy Your Own Fifty Shades of Grey Fantasy?

ImageIf you’re anything like me, the last few weeks will have gone by in a flurry of pages, as I just haven’t been able to put down the latest hit bestseller, Fifty Shades of Grey. Obviously it’s got a good story, but Fifty Shades is popular for more than just its gripping plots.

Unfortunately, I doubt there are going to be any wild office affairs happening in my life any time soon, but you don’t need a Christian Grey in your life in order to keep things exciting in bed; if you’ve found that your love life isn’t quite what it used to be, there are other ways to spice things up in the bedroom.

Cosmetic surgery is, of course, one of these options. They say it’s only skin-deep, but actually a little cosmetic nip here and tuck there can make all the difference; your new-found confidence can make you dare to do all those things that you never dared to do before!

And cosmetic surgery available at Secret Surgery also includes vaginal tightening, which can physically make the sensations of sex all the better for both partners, too! Making your life a little more like the life of Anastasia Steele really isn’t that difficult; why not live out your own Shades of Grey fantasy with the help of a little cosmetic surgery?

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Designer Vaginas – All you need to know!

So it’s our biggest source of embarrassment, and one of the most uncomfortable topics around, but it’s also an important one. Our vaginas are important.

To elaborate on that bold statement, let it be said that we’re talking about wellbeing. Stick on all the diamantes you want, enhance your style with a brightly-coloured wig, but vajazzles and merkins aside, weren’t we told that it’s the inside that counts?

We’re a nation obsessed by looks, but cosmetic surgery isn’t simply about that. It can provide a solution to a problem, or a much-needed lift; and no, not your face, but a lift to your inner being.

You see, when you’ve given birth to your bundle of joy, the first thing on your mind probably won’t be vaginal muscles.  Sooner or later however, they may become an issue. These muscles will expand during pregnancy, perhaps weaken and loosen, and become something you genuinely have cause to worry about. No woman wants her sacred parts become unrecognisable, or at the very least to be significantly altered. Let screaming toddlers turn into grumpy teenagers, but please let us retain a shapely vagina at all costs.

Vaginal tightening - or vaginoplasty - is a procedure than can gives you greater strength, contraction and control. It’s a standard gynecological procedure that joins the stretched muscles in your vagina, shortening the tissue and removing the unwanted skin. Any scarring remains on the inside, and you achieve a state akin to pre-pregnancy. This can enhance your feelings of sexual pleasure.  One of the greatest lifts in life, after all, is sex. To be able to give and receive more during lovemaking is something that everyone should be able to enjoy.

Angela Chouaib MD & Founder of Secret Surgery Ltd commented “So whilst you’re suffering from sleepless nights, know they could be unsettled for all the right reasons. OK, so while no-one can guarantee all-night sessions with the hubby, but surgeons can certainly help you by imparting that much-needed lift. Don’t suffer from embarrassment or discontent when it comes to considering your vagina: there’s a solution out there that’s right for you”.

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