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The Only Way is Cosmetic Surgery

Followers of The Only Way is Essex will know just how glamorous one of its stars, Maria Fowler, already is. Fowler has already admitted to having undergone plastic surgery before – including breast implants and lip augmentation – but it sounds like she’s got her eye on more procedures in the future.

The 25-year-old reality show star Tweeted “Just had my Pre Operative meeting with @MYA_Tweet I am officially booked in for Lipo in 3 weeks. It’s going to look amazing. So excited x x’. It looks like, having already booked her liposuction slot, Maria Fowler is already set on a slimmer figure!

Maria hardly looks like she needs the liposuction, but of course, the procedure is often chosen by those who are slim and physically fit, but with just a little extra puppy fat in all the wrong places. No matter how much you work out, it can be difficult to lose the last few pounds from your bun, hips, or tummy, so we’re not surprised that the reality star is turning to surgery.

Apparently, Maria dislikes the way she looks in a bikini. We beg to differ – but it’s not for us to say. It’s great that she’s so proud of her decision, and we wish her the best of luck with recovery in three weeks’ time!

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