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Playmate Plastic Surgery

Like us, you may have David Boreanaz (aka the bloke from ‘Angel’) very low on your ‘I give a damn’ list. But what if we told you that he married a Playmate? Still low? Yeah, we hear you. What if we told you that she had flawless work done? And Angel – sorry David – cheated on her and claimed it was of benefit to their marriage? It’s an interesting one, worthy of bumping say the lad who played Xander in Buffy at least.
David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz: No Angel

Young David seems to have it all – He’s got a Playmate wife and he is acting his socks off in Bones (We’re told). His gorgeous wife, Jaime, has had the traditional Playmate makeover – breast implants, a nose job, and most probably some botox in the forehead and between the brows – in addition to possible lip fillers such as restylane or juvederm. Her work is not overdone, leaving her looking sweetly sexy. (more…)


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