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Surgery for men

Men: want a bigger penis?

Here's one for the ladies...

Here’s one for the ladies…

You heard me – we hear every man secretly wants an extra inch or two. Well, now, that’s exactly what you can have. We offer penile lengthening procedures at Secret Surgery which mean that  you can make the most of what you’ve got.

Our procedure generally increases penis length by up to a couple of inches, and we don’t add anything extra to what you’ve got; we just release a tiny ligament in your penis, which allows it to protrude further out from the body than it does already, essentially lengthening it. We can also reduce the amount of fat around the pubic area in order to make the penis look bigger.

We also offer girth enhancement, if your worries aren’t about the length or your instrument, but the girth. We do this using PLGA which increases the penis’s girth from underneath the foreskin.

Choosing a surgery like this is a very big decision, and it’s important to discuss these kinds of issues with your partner, if you have one – because, don’t forget, it’ll affect them just as much as it will affect you! But, of course, the decision is ultimately yours – and the most important thing is that YOU are happy with it.

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Celebrity surgery stories: not just the ladies!


Enrique had his mole removed… if you ask me, he looks yummy in both pics!

We try to keep you all up to date with the latest news and gossip about celebrities and their cosmetic surgeries, but sometimes the woman-centric gossip columns can be misleading; actually, a lot of men have cosmetic surgery, too – and celebrity circles aren’t an exception to this rule.

Plenty of our favourite male celebs have gone under the knife in the past few years. We all know that Michael Jackson had his fair share of surgeries, including a couple of nose jobs and some chin work, and everyone’s top pop hunk Enrique Iglesias had a mole removed at the height of his stardom.

Mickey Rourke is probably one of Tinseltown’s most famously worked-on celebs, and we won’t even try to count the number of surgeries he’s had.

So there: there really are plenty of top hunks to choose from when it comes to success stories from Hollywood’s hottest men going under the knife. It just goes to show that all of us care about how we look – men AND women.

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Is FRIENDS star Matthew Perry thinking of going under the knife?

"Cinderella Man" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsWe first met Matthew Perry when he played Chandler Bing, the lovable joker in Friends. That was two decades ago, and Matthew has suffered from middle-aged spread just like the rest of us have. He appeared on a US chat show, Ellen, in the past week, after which apparently some of his own friends teased him about his weight!

Speculators reckon Matt might be thinking of going under the knife to get rid of a few of the extra pounds he’s put on, and we wouldn’t blame him if he did. He’s still an attractive man, but his career hasn’t exactly taken off since the end of Friends. Perhaps shedding some of the excess weight will help him to land those roles?

Of course, we hope Matt doesn’t make this decision just because of what his friends say! He should be opting for surgery because it’s what he wants for himself. We’d recommend some liposuction and possible a tummy tuck depending on how much excess skin is left after his weight loss. Of course, a good diet and exercise won’t go amiss either.

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Patient Testimonial: Reconstructive surgery after massive weightloss

happy man cosmetic surgeryI’ve just arrived back in the Apartment and the surgeon was so right….I needed a few extra days in hospital to be cared for properly… I have felt rather weak but then I expected that… I need to build myself up again by eating plenty of Protein… Can I just say how completely overwhelmed Iv been by your interest shown regarding my progress…..

The medical and nursing care have been absolutely second tonone and Aga has been the utmost professional throughout my time here, whenever Ive turned around shes been there for me…..And of course Jack….. He’s always been here wherever I’ve needed to go and at whatever or night…..

It would be wrong not to mention my Surgeon Dr W, who without doubt has performed miracles on me in such a short time….. He and I were sitting having a cuppa outside the hospital at 7am this morning!!!!! A new friend for life!!!

Who could I possibly have forgotten???? of course, my dear friend Angela who has believed in me from day one and supported and encouraged me every step of the way… Its not easy electing to have major surgery X2 but without you…it would not have been possible


So, guys… ever considered getting your balls ironed?

Has this man had his balls ironed?

Has this man had his balls ironed?

It sounds like a medieval torture practice, but actually it’s a new kind of plastic surgery which is hitting the clinics in LA and Hollywood. It all started a few years ago when George Clooney told an interviewer that “I did get my balls done. I got them unwrinkled – it’s the new thing in Hollywood – ball ironing.”

He was probably just kidding, but Hollywood doctors have taken his ‘suggestion’ and brought it to life; there’s now a procedure being offered which tightens up excessively loose scrotum tissue, and it’s being considered by lots of men – in fact, Jonah Hill has said “I’d consider anything” about possibly undergoing the procedure.

What do we think of ball ironing? Ladies – is it something you’d like to get your partners doing, or do you prefer them natural? It’s bound to be a procedure that divides opinions, but we’re anticipating that some clinics this side of the pond will no doubt pick the practice up if it proves popular enough in the US.

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Gynecomastia: Get fixed, get happy

maleplasticsurgeryGynecomastia is the doctor’s term for manboobs, or fatty deposits around a man’s chest. If you’re a man and you suffer from ‘manboobs’, then you don’t need to worry, because there is an easy fix, and it comes in the form of cosmetic surgery.

What you might now know is that taking action to fix your manboobs is about more than just the way you look. Up to 69% of adult men are affected by gynecomastia during their lifetime, and studies have recently shown just how damaging the affliction can be mentally. Men with manboobs have poorer mental health, lower self-esteem, and are less good at social functioning.

What does all of this mean? It means that if you make the choice to undergo surgery, you’re making a choice not just to improve your physical appearance, but to boost your confidence and improve your overall happiness. They say money can’t buy you happiness – but maybe in a few ways, it can!

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery, says “Our consultants and surgeons can help you to figure out what surgeries suit you best. Every day, the patients we see leave us healthier and happier than they were when they came to us. Getting rid of those manboobs is definitely one way to boost your self-esteem!”

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Pectoral implants: MEN only

The best weight exercises for chest musclesWith the popularity of boob jobs – breast enlargements, lifts, and reductions – it’s sometimes difficult to remember that cosmetic surgery is for men, too. But it is! In fact, there is one surgery which, really, is JUST for men… pectoral implants. It’s basically the man’s boob job – only, instead of a bigger pair of breasts, you’re getting a bigger set of pecs!

The bonus of pectoral implants is that they can help you achieve the physique you want no matter the way your body works; this isn’t generally an alternative to training and exercise, but a complement to it. Some men can weight-train all they want, but they’ll never get big pecs. It’s a shame, but it’s true. With a pectoral implant, you can be strong and look good. What’s not to like?

Pectoral implants are not totally dissimilar to a breast enlargement. A solid silicone implant will be inserted into the chest, beneath the upper pectoral muscle. The implants mimic the shape and feel of natural muscles, so your partner shouldn’t be able to tell the difference!

Pectoral implants can also be of use to men who have an asymmetrical or malformed chest – in cases like this, implants will need to be custom-made. But don’t worry – we do that too!

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Pete’s Hair Raising Experiance:

hair transplant abroadThank you Secret Surgery for organising everything and that the surgery went really well. Mr Marwan Saifi and his staff were true Professionals from beginning to end and I am happy to recommend them to anyone. I shall keep in touch as I will need more surgery on my crown area in the near future. Once again thank you For your help. PETE FROM MANCHESTER

Secret Surgery: NOT Just For Women!

maleplasticsurgeryWe know the ladies like to feel that Secret Surgery is all theirs, but it’s not JUST for women! Lots of men – very manly men – pass through our doors every year, and we’re hoping to see even more patients with pecs in 2013; cosmetic surgery for men is becoming more and more popular every year – probably at least partially because of all the make celebs we see getting their pecs and abs done!

At Secret Surgery, we offer a range of surgeries for men, including pec implants – to make your muscles stand out that extra bit – and male breast reductions, just in case you’re packing a little extra fat in the one place you don’t want it! Of course, most of our surgeries are completely unisex – you don’t have to be a woman to want liposuction, lifts or nose jobs, either.

Surgery for men is on the up and up, and at Secret Surgery, we’ve been there for you guys all along – and we always will be. It’s not fair to rule men out of cosmetic surgery, and our staff and doctors are experienced and comfortable working with both genders – so don’t be shy! Join our hall of fame, and get in touch today.

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Neil: My Tummy Tuck

Body_Mass-620x516Neil, did you say? That’s right – tummy tucks are for men too! Today, Neil’s going to tell us all about his experiences undergoing a tummy tuck with us at Secret Surgery – and as he’ll rightly tell you, tummy tucks are not just for girls!

Tell us how it all started. “I had weight loss surgery in April 2011.  Over the following 12 months I lost a substantial amount of weight – 9 stone and 7 pounds. I was delighted, never in my wildest dreams did I expect to lose so much weight. I went from an extremely unhealthy 54″ waist and having to buy all my clothes at Mr Big and Tall, to a very healthy 32″ waist and I could buy my clothes absolutely anywhere – that was fantastic.”

But there was a downside, wasn’t there? I was left with hanging skin on my stomach, no amount of exercise or dieting was going to shift it, so I came to the conclusion that I was going to need a tummy tuck.”

So how did you find us? “I started doing research and luckily for me I was discussing this with a friend of mine who had heard of a company called Secret Surgery. I joined the group on Facebook and read the reviews, all the reviews were brilliant and positive, there was not one bad review. I spoke to Angela the MD of Secret Surgery, we had a good long chat about what I wanted and what she could offer, at no time was I pressured into making a decision, it is a big step and one that needs to be carefully thought about and all options considered.”

What made up your mind? “There was one particular photograph posted by a client showing the outcome of her tummy tuck and I thought, yes, that is exactly what I want. I then made my booking and paid my deposit.”

And what happened next? “From there Angela took over everything, she arranged the whole trip from start to finish, I literally had nothing to do whatsoever other than pack and catch the plane. Once I landed in Wroclaw I was met by the very beautiful Aga, she took me straight to the hospital where I met Dr. W, I have to say Dr. W is a wonderful, kind, thoughtful gentleman, with a sense of humour, and as I later found out a very skilled surgeon. We discussed what I wanted to achieve through the tummy tuck and the best way to achieve those results.”

And, what everyone wants to know… what about the tummy tuck itself? “I was taken to my hospital room, the hospital was modern, up to date, very very clean, and all the staff friendly and professional. The following day I had my tummy tuck, I was kept in a recovery room for the 1st night and then moved back to my room, at all times I was very well looked after by all concerned. The very first day I was moved back to my room I felt well enough to have walk around the hospital grounds, I was never going to win an 100 metre sprint but I walked around for about an hour. The following day I was taken to my apartment to continue my recovery. The apartment was great, modern, spacious and had all mod cons.”And post-op? “I continued to make a speedy recovery and was well enough to go out sightseeing everyday. While I was there the support was 2nd to none, Angela was always there for me 24 hours a day, as was Aga and all the staff involved. What was also a fantastic and welcome surprise to me, was the support I received from the Secret Surgery group on Facebook, I have to say they made my journey much easier with all the positive, encouraging and humorous comments I received and never at any time did I feel I was alone. It is early days but my tummy tuck is looking brilliant, I am truly delighted.”

Any last words? “I would like to say a very heartfelt thank you to you all, Angela, Aga, Dr. W, Jack, all the staff at the hospital and last but certainly not least the Secret Surgery group on Facebook.”

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Mr. J’s Sleek Secret Surgery

Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for women – some of the hottest men in the world have achieved their buff bods with a bit of surgery – and we’ve got one of them here today: Mr. J, London’s coolest party animal – and a world-class jet-setter. He’s written his own ‘surgery story’, below – in the hopes that other party freaks will take his lead.

“While I considered having surgery abroad, I reviewed loads of doff companies – before Secret Surgery appeared. Being an international First Class flight attendant, you can imagine all the nice hotels and amazing destinations I see. I wanted a surgery company that provides the same, if not better.

I like my luxuries, and – let me tell you – luxury is what I received! From the minute I e-mailed Secret Surgery, I had a service that I can only describe as incredible. I travelled to Poland earlier this year, where everything from the amazing driver, Jack, to the beautiful and efficient Aga and the excellent surgeon Dr. W, was exceptional.

Walking into the private hospital I felt like I was in a hotel. It was a true home away from home – beautiful, modern, and friendly. We talked everything through with a realistic idea of the outcome, and the op all went to plan perfectly. The aftercare was above and beyond.

Angela, the MD of Secret Surgery, was there from the start to the finish, support me and encouraging me in any way possible. The woman is amazing, and goes above and beyond to provide such a personal service.

Following my surgery, I stayed in one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever been in. It was packed with luxuries, and the bed was so comfortable I could even lie on my side after having a mini tummy-tuck!

The aftercare was absolutely amazing and always efficient and consistent. Ten days after my surgery, I returned to the UK, and everything was healing well. I made a strong recovery – though seven weeks later, I noticed that my scar wasn’t as I imagined it would be.

I contacted Angela, who discussed with me what we could do. She was so supportive and comforting, looked at pictures, and agreed with my suggestions to have scar correction surgery. This was seven weeks ago, and it’s now looking better than ever.

Angela paid for everything and put me up in the most beautiful apartment for recovery. I received the same great service – if not better – on my return.

Working in the industry, I know everything about travel and tourism. I couldn’t possible recommend a more professional, personal, attentive and supportive surgery tourism company. I’ve been blown away by Secret Surgery and the entire experience; even now, I get e-mails to see how I’m doing!”

Don’t be afraid, guys – cosmetic surgery is hot whether you’re a guy or a gal. Taking care of your appearance isn’t feminine – it’s just good sense. Want to be recognised by the most attractive women in clubs, or give your wife a super gift for Christmas this year? Give us a call and we can talk about your options!

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