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Mr. J’s Sleek Secret Surgery

Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for women – some of the hottest men in the world have achieved their buff bods with a bit of surgery – and we’ve got one of them here today: Mr. J, London’s coolest party animal – and a world-class jet-setter. He’s written his own ‘surgery story’, below – in the hopes that other party freaks will take his lead.

“While I considered having surgery abroad, I reviewed loads of doff companies – before Secret Surgery appeared. Being an international First Class flight attendant, you can imagine all the nice hotels and amazing destinations I see. I wanted a surgery company that provides the same, if not better.

I like my luxuries, and – let me tell you – luxury is what I received! From the minute I e-mailed Secret Surgery, I had a service that I can only describe as incredible. I travelled to Poland earlier this year, where everything from the amazing driver, Jack, to the beautiful and efficient Aga and the excellent surgeon Dr. W, was exceptional.

Walking into the private hospital I felt like I was in a hotel. It was a true home away from home – beautiful, modern, and friendly. We talked everything through with a realistic idea of the outcome, and the op all went to plan perfectly. The aftercare was above and beyond.

Angela, the MD of Secret Surgery, was there from the start to the finish, support me and encouraging me in any way possible. The woman is amazing, and goes above and beyond to provide such a personal service.

Following my surgery, I stayed in one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever been in. It was packed with luxuries, and the bed was so comfortable I could even lie on my side after having a mini tummy-tuck!

The aftercare was absolutely amazing and always efficient and consistent. Ten days after my surgery, I returned to the UK, and everything was healing well. I made a strong recovery – though seven weeks later, I noticed that my scar wasn’t as I imagined it would be.

I contacted Angela, who discussed with me what we could do. She was so supportive and comforting, looked at pictures, and agreed with my suggestions to have scar correction surgery. This was seven weeks ago, and it’s now looking better than ever.

Angela paid for everything and put me up in the most beautiful apartment for recovery. I received the same great service – if not better – on my return.

Working in the industry, I know everything about travel and tourism. I couldn’t possible recommend a more professional, personal, attentive and supportive surgery tourism company. I’ve been blown away by Secret Surgery and the entire experience; even now, I get e-mails to see how I’m doing!”

Don’t be afraid, guys – cosmetic surgery is hot whether you’re a guy or a gal. Taking care of your appearance isn’t feminine – it’s just good sense. Want to be recognised by the most attractive women in clubs, or give your wife a super gift for Christmas this year? Give us a call and we can talk about your options!

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All About the Pubic Lift

A public lift – know what it is? It sounds a little like a kind of weird exercise, but actually it’s a cosmetic surgery procedure! In a nutshell: it’s a face lift for your vagina. As women age, the ‘mound’ around the vagina can get a little saggy and depressed, and a pubic lift is perfect for revitalizing your downstairs department – and your love life.

A good pubic lift also goes hand in hand with a spot of liposuction; the liposuction can get rid of any excess fat around the area, and a public lift will remove the extra skin and tissue left behind after the lipo. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to get lipo, too – many women find they only need a pubic lift.

If this little heard-of procedure sounds like it might be for you, you can attend any of our UK clinics for a consultation, in which you can really work out if this is for you. You don’t have to be ‘over the hill’ to consider a public lift – they’re for any woman who feels self-conscious and concerned about her genitalia.

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Top Secret Xmas Trip: Friday Night Revealed!

We’ve been keeping you all on your toes waiting for the revelation of what we’ve got planned for the night of Friday 14th December during our Secret Surgery VIP Xmas Trip… well, the wait is over!

We’ll be taking you all to enjoy fine dining at Brasserie 27, one of the best restaurants in Wroclaw. The restaurant serves contemporary cuisine in a modern and chic setting – so it’s just what we ladies love! The menu offers a little bit of everything, including a good selection of salads for those of us trying to slim down, and plenty of tempting desserts for those of us giving ourselves the weekend off!

We’ll be meeting there for dinner at 7pm, so don’t be late, and you can get a look at where the restaurant is here:

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The Tummy Tuck Diaries

If you’ve ever considered a tummy tuck – STOP. Stop reading surgery sites, and start reading real life stories of how people, just like you, have come to Secret Surgery for a tummy tuck. Today, Paul’s going to tell us all about his wife’s tummy tuck with us – why not spend a few minutes finding out what a tummy tuck is really like?

How did it all start? “In July last year we finally started to look at options for my wife having her tummy tuck. After looking at the prices in the UK I decided to have a look at surgery abroad. I trawled the Internet and found many companies offering services. I contacted a few and received at best hit and miss replies.”

And how did you find Secret Surgery in all of this? “One company kept cropping up and finally late one evening I phoned secret surgery ltd. After having a lengthy conversation with wonderful Angela i knew instantly that this was the only choice to make.”

What happened next? “We received detailed information at all times, kept fully informed of all arrangements and costs and had any questions answered quickly and honestly. The support we received up until departure was amazing. On arrival in Poland we were amazed by the extremely high standards in the hospital.”

Oh? A lot of people feel worried about going abroad for surgery – but you were pleased with the facilities? “Extremely clean, in fact spotless, all the staff helpful friendly and also all spoke English. And then to Dr W. A true professional, honest, charming and funny! But most of all, after seeing my wife’s results a truly talented surgeon. Every aspect of the hospital stay was superb.”

Great news. Any final words about your experience with Secret Surgery? “Angela and secret surgery arrange everything for you, you can genuinley sit back and let them arrange everything from flights, accommodation, an assistant in Poland (thanks Aga!) in fact anything!! I cannot thank Angela enough for everything she has done. Her absolute dedication to achieving perfection and 100% customer satisfaction is beyond words. She is there all the way through, and is an honest and genuine person whose passion to help others achieve there own goals is truly remarkable.”

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A Saturday Night on the Town…

Earlier in the week, we posted about what some of readers can look forward to on the Sunday night of our very special Secret Surgery VIP Xmas Trip. Today, we can reveal the details of how we’ll be spending our Saturday night in Wroclaw.

On Saturday 15th December we’ll be heading to the Mosaiq restaurant at 7pm, where we can all enjoy delicious food and fine wines! As one of the best restaurants in Wroclaw, Mosaiq is sure to be a treat, and it’ll be the perfect chance for everyone to have a little catch-up after a very busy Saturday.

The restaurant’s head chef once worked with Gordon Ramsay, as well as Albert Roux, one of the most renowned chefs in the UK. Serving a fusion of French, Polish and international cuisine, we’ll be able to sample a few of the local flavours as well as takng a culinary trip around the world!

If you’re still not convinced, have a wander around the restaurant’s website – taking a quick look at the menu, I already know what I’ll be ordering! The location of the restaurant can be seen on the map here:

Have we whet your appetite enough yet? We’ve still got the details of Friday left to reveal, so watch this space….

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An Inside Look at… Secret Surgery’s VIP Xmas Trip!

Today, we’re proud to be able to give our readers a sneak peek inside the VIP Christmas Adventure that we – and some of you – will be enjoying in Wroclaw this December.

On Sunday night – the final night of the trip – we’ll be meeting at 7pm for a Gala meal with the hospital staff. The feast will be available for a set price of just £12, with drinks paid for on top.

This meal will be your perfect opportunity to get to know the hospital staff, and ask all of those questions you’ve been dying to ask. As it’s the last night of the trip, it’s also going to be our goodbye dinner – so I’m sure lots of wine will flow!

The restaurant we’re going to can be found here; it’s a traditional Polish restaurant, so this is our chance to sample truly delicious local cuisine. The restaurant specialises in age-old recipes and cooks their dishes in front of the customers, so we’re definitely in for a treat. Those of you who want to know where the restaurant is can see in the map here:

If you’re feeling curious about what our plans are for the rest of the trip, then sit tight – we’ll be following up with more details over the coming weeks.

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Video Blog: My Moobs

Today’s video blog comes from a very cheeky chappy who came to us for help with his moobs. Watch the video above or read it below to find out what he thought of us – as well as a little bit about what he thinks of boobies.

“I love boobies! Big ones, small ones, fluffy ones – no, puffy ones! Saggy ones… although if I’m older I wouldn’t mind saggy ones. Not right now, I’m only 22, I wouldn’t want saggy tits on anyone… but you know, I’m not gonna complain – I’m not exactly perfect myself! Or am I?

Essentially, the problem is I’ve got moobs, and I wanted to get rid of them. So I saw a woman called Angela, and I went to Poland for Secret Surgery, and the assistant there, Aga, she was HOT, and the surgeon was absolutely amazing too.

Anyway, long story short – secret surgery dot co dot uk. My surgery only cost two and a half grand, and it was the best surgery I’ve ever had. Now I’ve got moobs no more! And also, it’s helped me to lose weight a little bit too! Check it out.”

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