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Plastic Surgery: Gangnam Style!

Almost everybody in the world has now heard ‘Gangnam Style’, the hit song by Korean rapper, PSY; it’s become a YouTube sensation over the past weeks, and most of us have been unable to look at anything on the internet without seeing a ‘Gangnam Style’ parody of anything from Mitt Romney to Lord of the Rings.

However, Gangnam Style was the hit that nearly never happened; apparently, before the song went big, PSY’s record label desperately wanted the rapper to undergo cosmetic surgery.

PSY said, about his agency, “The agency heard my raps and were picturing a six-foot tall, sharp-looking, trendy guy. But the CEO opened our meeting with the statement, ‘What are we going to do with this? ‘How about we make him wear a cool mask?’”

It looks like in this case, PSY didn’t need any cosmetic surgery to hit the big-time; though what’s important is that he did what he was comfortable with! Perhaps next time I see the ‘Gangnam Style’ video, I’ll try and imagine what PSY might have looked like with a little nip here and a tuck there…

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Surgery

Any kind of surgery is a big thing; it’s not something that anybody just waltzes into. Even the most sure, determined patients will need to step back and think before walking into the surgery room; whether or not to have cosmetic surgery is probably one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

The best way to find out if surgery is really for you is to ask yourself a few, crucial questions before taking the leap.

Why am I having this procedure?

This is the big question; why do you want cosmetic surgery? What’s key here is that you come to the conclusion that you’re doing it for yourself, and nobody else. Cosmetic surgery can boost your self-esteem and confidence, but it won’t change your life; if there are other things in your life that you’re unhappy about – partners, work, education – this isn’t going to help sort those out.

Do I have any other options?

In many cases, the results gained by cosmetic surgery can be achieved in other ways, too; obviously a rhinoplasty is a rhinoplasty, but surgeries like weight loss surgery and liposuction offer results which, a lot of the time, can be achieved naturally. Of course, if you’ve tried dieting and exercise and the pounds still don’t shift, there’s nothing wrong with turning to us.

Do I have the right support system in place?

Before undergoing cosmetic surgery, it’s really super important that you have the support of two kinds of people: your family and friends, and your surgeons. Choose a surgery that makes you feel welcome, and make sure you fully trust everybody there. Likewise, make sure you’ve got supportive people at home to return to – because you’ll need them during your recovery.

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Competition Winner of Secret Surgery VIP Christmas Trip

The news that you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived…. Are you all as excited as we are???  Well here goes…. After careful consideration and reading through all the wonderfully powerful heartfelt reasons as to why we should chose each enterer as a winner it was an extremely difficult decision but in the end the team at Secret Surgery finally and unanimously agreed that…….. drum roll…….

Oh are you excited to find out???? Oh well sorry to spoil it for you but we aren’t telling you just yet!!!

The winners prize will consist of Return flights from London 14th to 17th December with priority upgrade, all transfers including to and from their home in the UK.  They’ll experience 3 nights in a Luxury hotel In Wroclaw with all the team at Secret Surgery.

On the Friday once they’ve checked into the Puro Hotel they’ll be participating in a walk around the Christmas Market then getting ready for a group meal at the wonderful Mosaiq Restaurant where the chefs learnt their trade in famous Roux Brasserie and LaGavroche.

On top of this they will spend Saturday morning with Personal shopper & Image Stylist to the stars and hopefully pick a nice dress for themselves as an extra special something from the MD and in the afternoon they will enjoy a guided tour of the historical old town and this is rounded off with a traditional Polish Christmas Feast at Pod Freda with all the key hospital staff joining us; we expect there to be 40 attendees….

On Sunday they will enjoy a presentation and tour of the multi-award winning EMC hospital, have a free consultation with Head Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr Wojciech Waclawowicz and have the afternoon to saunter around the magical sights and sounds of the Christmas Market ending with another traditional meal in the Karczma Lwowska restaurant located in the very heart of the city market square

So on that note; now that I have well an truly whet everyone’s appetite for what will be an amazing weekend to remember…. The Secret Surgery Team are delighted to announce that Clare-Louise Saville has been chosen after her beautiful poem warmed our hearts on such a cold and frosty day.

Angela Chouaib MD & Founder of Secret Surgery Ltd added:

“Congratulations to Clare-Louise and may I take this opportunity to thank everyone for taking the time to participate and we hope that you all agree that we made the right choice and worthy winner.”

Aggie: My Boob Job & Tummy Tuck

We all know that patient reviews are the best way to ensure that your chosen cosmetic surgery clinic delivers what it offers – so here’s some wise words from Aggie, a previous patient of ours at Secret Surgery.

Did it take you a while to decide on Secret Surgery? “After many months of research, I narrowed down a few clinics and eventually went with this one.”

And what did you think of the service with Secret Surgery? “From my first enquiry to the day I left, I was in good hands. I never had to worry about a thing. I was collected from the airport, taken to the hospital, and everywhere in between.”

Were you pleased you went abroad for surgery – what were the staff like? “Very, very professional, very clean, polite and friendly, and worth every penny! With the medical care in the UK was the same as out here, but it’s not.”

And what about now – after the operation? “Almost six weeks after my operation, I’m so so happy with the results. I will be going back again soon for more work; the doctor was great, and he was there every day to check that I was OK and in no pain. It was all perfect, and I had no complaints at all.”

High praise indeed! Any final words? “Aga is a diamond! She’s the lady that will organise everything for you. She’s the best! Thanks all so very very much.”

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Who’s Up For a FREE Christmas Adventure in Poland?

wroclaw christmas surgery abroadSome of our most avid readers might remember that, until recently, we were giving you – yes, you! – the chance to come and meet us in Wroclaw this December for a weekend of fun and frolics! The trip cost £350, and all the places are now reserved by lucky readers…

…That is, all but ONE place. In the spirit of Christmas, we’re going to give this one place away for FREE to one of you; our readers, patients and friends.

If we invite you to come on the trip with us, you’ll have to be available on the weekend that takes place between December 14th and 17th 2012, when you’ll be whisked away to Wroclaw, Europe’s very own winter wonderland.

Aside from hitting the shops, checking out the Christmas market and enjoying some of the best food in the continent, you’ll also get to meet other Secret Surgery readers, attend exclusive presentations, have a consultation with one of our experts and get top fashion advice from the best.

Sound like just what you need? All you have to do to enter is answer this question: WHY should we choose YOU to come with us on this very special VIP Christmas Trip? Don’t hold back, ladies and gents; the more quirky and fun your answers are, the more chance you’ve got of winning!

We’ll choose the person who gives us the best answer, and, whoever we choose, the judge’s decision is final! To enter, just post your answer in the comments box at the bottom of this blog so get your thinking caps on; and no copying!

You only have 24 hours…. and entries must be submitted before 7pm on 26/10/2012 and the WINNER will be announced on 27/10/12. And no copying!

Good luck to everyone; we look forward to reading your replies!

Surgery Abroad: Mythbusting!

There are a lot of myths about surgery abroad; some people say it’s unreliable, or the quality is poor, and some people really just don’t know what to think. In one way, this is good: it’s important to be choosy about any kind of surgery, and to make sure the surgery you’re signing up for offers high quality, hygiene and care.

However, most of these rumours are just untrue – there’s really nothing ‘poor’ in the surgery abroad. This doesn’t mean every non-UK surgery clinic is good quality – we can’t vouch for anyone else – but they certainly don’t have to be. Here are some myths about surgery abroad – and the real truth behind them.

Surgery abroad is too cheap to be true – that means the quality of the work is poor. Surgery abroad is cheaper because living costs are cheaper in places like Poland. This doesn’t mean the work is poor quality, though; just as you might get great quality wine cheap in France, or an iPad will cost you half the price in the US as in the UK, you can get great cosmetic surgery in Europe for a fraction of the Harley Street prices.

The surgeons are not properly qualified abroad. Again – total myth. All of our surgeons have undergone the most rigorous training in Europe, which doesn’t just meet Polish surgery standards, but global standards, too. There probably aren’t many UK clinics that can say that!

Having surgery outside the UK is dangerous, because you can’t see your surgeon after the operation. Nonsense. We’ll keep you in the clinic in Poland for a day or two after the operation anyway, but in terms of aftercare – there is plenty provided in the UK. Our VIP package includes UK aftercare in any of our UK clinics, where you’ll be treated with the same warmth and professionalism as you were in Poland.

In other words, just because surgery abroad is a bargain, doesn’t mean it’s not as good as surgery in the UK. It’s just a bargain!

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The Truth about Lipo…

At Secret Surgery, we pride ourselves on honesty and great communication; after all, it’s what you ladies really want that matters, right? We know that cold salesmanship isn’t what’s needed in this industry, and we’re here to help you to make the best decisions you can – even if it means that deciding surgery isn’t for you.

That’s why, today, it’s time to debunk some myths about liposuction. Too many people are under the impression that liposuction is something it isn’t: that is, a cheap route to a thin bikini body. Well, here’s the big reveal: hat’s not how it works, and it’s not really what liposuction is for.

Losing weight is hard, and it’s no wonder that people will look for an easy option; nobody ever said it was easy. Unfortunately, liposuction won’t help you to lose a large amount of weight; in fact, there are limits on how much fat can be removed, and it isn’t that much.

So, what is liposuction for? It’s really just the icing on the cake, as it were. Maybe you’re just not that overweight, or maybe you’ve been losing weight for months but you just can’t shift those last few pounds – we can help you to do that. If you want something that will take you from ‘slim’ to ‘streamlined’, liposuction can help. It can also help you to target fatty areas – big bums and thunder thighs – that otherwise just don’t shift with exercise.

What we can’t do is make you lose pounds and pounds. Unfortunately, we need your help with that one.

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