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Video Blog: My Boob Job and Lipo

We’ve got another Secret Surgery Story today, this time coming from a young patient who came to us for a boob job – and a little lipo. Here’s her story.

“I wanted a boob job and a little vaser liposuction, but couldn’t afford the 7-8K I was quoted at Harley Street. So a friend of mine recommended contacting Angela from Secret Surgery after she met her at a conference.”

“I contacted Angela and I’m really glad that I did, it’s totally changed my life for the better. She helped me out so much and she arranges the flights, the apartment, the hospital transfers, and as well as the surgery I even had a wonderful personal assistant in Poland called Aga.”

“Everything was thought about in advance and included. The price was around three grand less and the service was better than I could have ever imagined.”

“I would recommend Secret Surgery to anyone. In fact, I do recommend Angela to everyone that mentions cosmetic surgery. Thank you Angela, and a huge thanks to the wonderful doctor for his treatment. Keep up the wonderful work that you do at Secret Surgery dot co dot UK.”

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The Only Way is Cosmetic Surgery

Followers of The Only Way is Essex will know just how glamorous one of its stars, Maria Fowler, already is. Fowler has already admitted to having undergone plastic surgery before – including breast implants and lip augmentation – but it sounds like she’s got her eye on more procedures in the future.

The 25-year-old reality show star Tweeted “Just had my Pre Operative meeting with @MYA_Tweet I am officially booked in for Lipo in 3 weeks. It’s going to look amazing. So excited x x’. It looks like, having already booked her liposuction slot, Maria Fowler is already set on a slimmer figure!

Maria hardly looks like she needs the liposuction, but of course, the procedure is often chosen by those who are slim and physically fit, but with just a little extra puppy fat in all the wrong places. No matter how much you work out, it can be difficult to lose the last few pounds from your bun, hips, or tummy, so we’re not surprised that the reality star is turning to surgery.

Apparently, Maria dislikes the way she looks in a bikini. We beg to differ – but it’s not for us to say. It’s great that she’s so proud of her decision, and we wish her the best of luck with recovery in three weeks’ time!

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On the First Day of Christmas, Secret Surgery Gave to Me…

Our most dedicated readers might remember that here at Secret Surgery, we’re embarking on a Christmas adventure this year to celebrate our second anniversary in style. We’re also welcoming you – our readers, patients and friends – to come and join us this December in Wroclaw.

For just £350, the trip includes:

  • Four star accommodation
  • Image Stylist
  • Professional Photographs
  • A Surgery Consultation
  • Guided Tour of the City

You’ll also get plenty of opportunities to spend lots of time with us and meet other patients – including past patients. Want to pick our brains about cosmetic surgery, or want to hear the true story of someone who has already undergone the surgery you want? Then this is the ideal opportunity!

As well as shopping trips in Wroclaw’s most famous shopping locations and a lovely meal out in one of the city’s top restaurants, everyone will be able to take home some snaps of the break – taken by a professional photographer – in which, we guarantee, we’ll all be looking our best!

If you’re interested in our very special VIP Secret Surgery Xmas trip, be sure to book your place soon – they’re selling fast! The Secret Surgery Christmas Adventure takes place between December 14th and December 17th 2012.

VIP Bookings for 2012 Xmas Market trip will officially close on midnight, Sunday 30th September. If you haven’t paid £350 in full by then we will be unable to accommodate you; as official planning starts to allow us time to focus on the VIP’s and making the event special for them!  THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO BOOK!

The trip will cost £350, and you can book your place by contacting us via e-mail: [email protected]

Prepping Your Home Before Cosmetic Surgery

At Secret Surgery, we often get asked questions about how our patients should prepare themselves for various different kinds of surgery – what medications to take, what to eat, and that kind of thing. Of course, this stuff is really important, but there’s also a little more general advice that we can give our patients in order to prepare themselves for surgery abroad.

When you jet off for your surgery holiday in Poland, the Czech Republic, or wherever, you should make sure to leave your home in the perfect condition to welcome you back on your return. You don’t want to come home feeling tired and weak to piles of dirty laundry and clutter. Here are our five top tips for making your home the perfect place to recover from cosmetic surgery.

1. Tidy Up. Don’t just get rid of the clutter; make sure everything’s spotless. You’ll want to take a few days off from cleaning and household chores when you’re back, so making sure everything’s taken care of before your surgery is a great idea.
2. Clear the Back Logs. Do your laundry, clean the dishes, take out the rubbish. Make sure that on day 2 of your recovery, the bin doesn’t overflow or you don’t run out of clean pyjamas.
3. Cook. Make lots of meals that can be frozen in individual portions and microwaved each night once you’re back. You won’t want to spend hours cooking every day when you’re recovering, but it’s important to get good food and nutrients into your body during this phase.
4. Keep Important Phone Numbers Safe. Make sure you’ve got the number of friends and family, as well as your doctor, surgeon and consultant, just in case you need any help. Make sure they’ll be easy to find once you’re back, too.
5. Stock Up on Pain Meds. If you’re lucky, you won’t experience much pain after surgery. However, it always helps to have pain medications – ibuprofen and paracetamol – just in case it all gets to be too much. Make sure you’ve got plenty to last you the week or two after your surgery.

And that’s that. Of course, depending on how you like to relax, you’ll probably also want to make sure you’ve got a box of choccies, some cotton pyjamas and a Matt Damon DVD somewhere handy!

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Claire: My Eyelid Correction

We’ve got another previous patient in today to tell us all about her Secret Surgery story. Claire underwent eyelid correction surgery with us, and hasn’t looked back since.

Eyelid correction surgery can sometimes be necessary when our eyelids make us look older and more tired. It’s a simple procedure in which the surgeon removes excess skin and fatty tissue, and the results are visible within just a short time after treatment.

Let’s see what Claire has to say about her eyelid correction surgery. “My healing is going well – the scar on my left eye is virtually unnoticeable now and I’m really pleased with that. The scar on my right is still very red, and the line is thicker and more visible, but it is slowly receding somewhat.”

Are you glad you came to Secret Surgery for your eyelid correction? “I’m pleased I had it done, so I don’t have any regrets – it does look better!”

Great news, Claire – we hope you have a speedy recovery, too. Don’t forget to get in touch with us if you’ve got some Secret Surgery stories that you’d like to share with the world.

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Jennifer Hudson Tells All About Lip Augmentation

Jennifer Hudson – without a doubt one of the world’s greatest beauties – has recently told all about the secret of her luscious lips. The singer and actress has kept ‘schtum’ for a long time about whether or not she’s been under the knife, but she recently came out about her plastic surgery.

The 30-year-old told Oprah Winfrey on Oprah’s Next Chapter that she got her lips done when she was starring in a movie filmed just a few years ago. “When I did Dreamgirls I actually had to get my dent right here injected because it was affecting the lighting. And when I got it done the doctor was like ‘I do not want to do this – do you realize people come in here and pay to have the lips you have naturally?’ and I was like, ‘I don’t want to, but I have to, for the movie!’”

Obviously, we think Jen’s beautiful – no matter whether she’s had her lips done or not! Her lush lips look natural and gorgeous, and we’re proud that she’s so easy-going when it comes to talking about it. Lots of celebs decide to go under the knife, and if it’s what they want, then we’re happy for them!

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Zoe: My Tummy Tuck!

We’ve got another very special patient story today. Zoe, from Kent, underwent a Tummy Tuck with us at Secret Surgery not long ago, and now she’s going to tell us – and you, our potential patients – all about her experience here.

How did you come across us? “Whilst researching surgeons I found your details on a search engine, without even looking at the Secret Surgery website – and so not knowing it was abroad – I simply called the number provided by the search engine. Over the phone she explained the whole procedure from start to finish in such an open and honest way – I’d spent the best part of the day speaking to receptionists, advisers, answerphones…. and I was still none the wiser.”

So, the phone conversation you had with Angela made you even more set on Secret Surgery? “If she hadn’t used the words ‘Poland’ and ‘Abroad’ I would have probably turned up at her house that night, cash in hand, demanding next-day surgery!”

Ha! So you did further research instead? “I then read reviews and did my research on the surgeon, the hospital and Angela, and there wasn’t a single bad review for any of them… so it was an easy decision to book! Meeting everyone at Persona Clinic and seeing how amazing Angela looked… I could already tell by then that I had made a great decision.”

“I really can’t thank Angela enough. It will make such a huge difference to my future… but you already know about the difference! You truly understand just how much it means. That’s the real beauty of Secret Surgery. Angela – thank you for being with me through this life-changing process. Genuinely helpful, encouraging, supportive and caring – what started as a worrying trip into the unknown soon became an enjoyable and rewarding experience!”

“Many thanks to you and the rest of your team in the UK and Poland – you’re all wonderful!”

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