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The Man Behind the Women: Jacek Zmijewski

Out of bikinis and into boxers, today we’re going to take a ‘brief’ (get it?)  look at the man behind Secret Surgery’s designer vaginas. Jacek Zmijewski is our expert gynaecologist surgeon, with years of experience with women’s bodies! Today, we’ve managed to get a few minutes with him, and I can tell you – he’s one of the nicest guys in EMC Hospital!

Hi, Jacek! That’s Jack in English, right? “Yes! My name is Polish, of course. I graduated from the Medical Academy in Wroclaw in 1986, and then went on to study my Second Degree Specialization in Gynecology-Obstetrics, and finished that in 1993. I completed my PhD. In 1996, and am a member of the Polish Society of Obstetrics and the Polish Society of Gynecologics.”

Wow, a filled resumé, then. But, enough about work. What do you like to do in your free time? “I’ve got a beautiful wife who is also a fabulously talented and famous Professor of Gynaecology too and a wonderful daughter, so I obviously love to spend time with them. My hobby, it has to be said, is women! But I also enjoy travelling – to Asia, America… anywhere that’ll take me! I’m also known as a bit of a joker.”

Known as a joker and a great Gynecology Doctor in Poland? Jacek is doing well! He’s an invaluable part of the team here at Secret Surgery, and, as well as being a highly-skilled surgeon, he’s also just a lovely guy.

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Considering Pectoral Implants?


 About procedure:

Having a pectoral implant means undergoing a cosmetic surgery to change the appearance and the size of the pectoral muscles. These are the muscles in a male chest, which are impressive and good to look at.

Pectoral Implants in Poland 1Pectoral implants are solid, silicone prosthetic devices, which are specially carved and shaped for every individual who is having the implant done before  insertion.  After the implant, they should look and feel natural, yet give them the desired chest according to each individual body shape or defect.  Bicep and triceps implants are the ones most commonly used to shape, enlarge and firm the upper chest and arm areas and if they are correctly inserted then they give a natural appearance of the chest and muscles in both the flexed and relaxed condition.

An incision is made in the armpit and a pocket is created in the fascia of the upper pectoral muscle. Once the implant pocket is created, a soft, solid silicone implant is sculpted to the exact size and most esthetic appearance.

Usually, this sculpting requires vast knowledge from having placed many pectoral implants before, to know specifically how the final implant will look after healing. Once sculpted, the silicone implant is inserted into the pocket and it is secured with a few small self-dissolving sutures. The external incision is closed, and a very small dressing is placed under the arms to promote rapid healing. The patient can typically see the change to the pectoral area immediately after surgery.

Pectoral Implants in Poland

During the recovery period, the patient is instructed not to lift their arms after surgery. When the dressings are removed the patient is told to follow a gentle exercise program for the next few weeks to permit a full and comfortable range of motion of the arms. This allows the pec implants to settle into the fascia pockets that surround the muscle. Generally within a week or two, physical use of the upper body muscles may be resumed and within one month, full pectoral muscular activity may be recommenced.

PLEASE NOTE: This method may result in the appearance of stretch marks on the chest  (tattoos can become distorted)

The Clinic & Surgeon:

Dr. Andrzej Sankowski

He was graduated in the Medical University of Warsaw. He was the first doctor in Poland, received his doctorate in tissue immunology. Lecturer at over 60 plastic surgery, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery conferences on all over the world.

Founder of the Polish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Group member of Europen Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (EACS). As the first in Poland introduced a method of syringe liposuction, laser CO, methods, and dermabrasion crystals Aquamid. His clinic is a multiple winner of the press rankings.

The Clinic is the oldest, employing the biggest number of plastic surgeons Clinic in Poland. Our experience is acknowledged by the ISO certificate but also by the fact that our clinic has been chosen by producer of Dutch make me Beauty program to conduct procedures for its Polish version.

To find out more Visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email [email protected]


To find out more Visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email [email protected]

Jim: My Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery isn’t an easy option; it’s often a last resort for those of us who just can’t shed the pounds any other way. It’s a big decision, and it takes a lot of guts to choose such a life-changing surgery. Today, we’ve got Jim here to tell us about his experience with weight loss surgery at Secret Surgery.

“Angela made my dream come true.” he says. “Many, many a time I thought about have a gastric bypass, but I always always too scared to do so. Angela didn’t push, bully or sell; she just listened, and answered the questions I asked.”

“Having had the operation herself, it made it so easy for me to follow what she had done. You just have to look at her: she’s so happy, and now has dedicated her whole life into helping other people to do the same.”

“My life is now greater than I ever imagined it could be; life changing, yes, but also so much more! Angela was the person that made this happen – and I’ll always thank her for the rest of my life. Everything she said was true. Just listen to her, and follow your dream!”

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Jim! Gastric bypass surgery is a weight loss operation designed for people carrying a lot of excess weight, and it usually results in dramatic weight loss post-operation. If you think it could be for you, don’t hesitate to seek out a consultation with us.

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Nuala: My Breast Reduction

Today, Nuala from Edinburgh has got more Secret Surgery gossip for us, with details about her breast reduction procedure, undertaken earlier this year.

“I’ve wanted a breast reduction for many years now, being a mother of four, but I never thought I’d see it happen. I used to hate the way I looked, and so I started searching for surgeries online, and this is how I found Secret Surgery.”

“I looked at pictures on the web, and then got in contact with Angela Chouaib, Secret Surgery’s MD. She was so helpful, and made me realise just how viable surgery with Secret Surgery would be. Angela put me through to the Secret Surgery Facebook group, where I could talk to other people in the same position as me.”

“Talking to past patients, I just knew I was making the right decision. As soon as I made up my mind and paid my deposit, I could sit back and just let Angela take over. I never regretted my decision – not for a moment.”

“Angela was great the whole way through. She talked me through every step, and I never felt pushed into things. All I had to do was turn up at the airport and fly to Wroclaw, where Aga was waiting. She was lovely, and explained everything to me.”

“I was also introduced to Dr. W, the surgeon who would be performing my breast reduction. I really felt like I was in safe hands with him, and I was right! The procedure was fantastic, as was the care I received after it.”

“I’d like to thank Angela from the bottom of my heart, for you have really helped me to make my dream a reality. I’m eternally grateful!”

It’s always lovely to hear genuinely moving stories like this one, and at Secret Surgery we’re just pleased to be able to make a difference. Thanks to Nuala, we’re able to offer first-hand patient stories which might just help more people to take the plunge and change their lives.

To take the next step and receive a FREE personalised info pack and quote please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email [email protected]

To take the next step and receive a FREE personalised info pack and quote please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email [email protected]


More Than Just an Operation: Pre-Op and Post-Op Care

It’s too easy to think that cosmetic surgery is just ‘surgery’. In actual fact, there are three stages in cosmetic surgery abroad: the pre-operative preparation stage, the surgery itself, and the post-operative care. When you’re looking around for surgeries and considering your options, it’s important to think about pre-op and post-op care, too – because they’re just as important as the surgery itself!

Preparing for surgery abroad includes both mental and physical preparation. Physical preparation consists of refraining from drinking alcohol and smoking, staying physically fit and maintaining a healthy diet. It also means making the plans for your surgery and post-op care, such as travel plans and accommodation. Psychologically speaking, it’s important to feel ready for the big change you’re about to undergo.

After your surgery, you’ll also need to make sure you receive the right post-op care. This will vary surgery to surgery, but in many cases you’ll need to take time off work, and make sure you rest properly following your surgery. Aftercare is important to make sure you’re feeling psychologically and physically well after your surgery.

At Secret Surgery, we’ve got pre-op and post-op care covered. In our VIP package, we offer medical and emotional support from Glasgow to Kent, both before and after your surgery. Our UK Doctors are GMC Registered and nurses are plastics trained too! If  you are concerned about anything going wrong or if you just need to talk – we’re always here for you. Now that’s what I call care!

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How NOT to End Up with Wonky Boobs…

A fascinating story appeared on the Shanghai Daily news site the other day, warning about the dangers of buying your own silicone implants. Reportedly, a female university student in Shanghai purchased a 35 yuan – or $5.50, for those of us who understand American money a little better than Chinese money – silica gel implant, which she then took to the hospital, asking the surgeons there to reshape her nose with it.

It’s all well and good to laugh – after all, who knows what you’re buying online when you purchase a nameless, unbranded ‘implant’ – but if the doctors had not refused, this woman could have suffered some serious consequences!

You can’t just go sticking anything inside your nose, bum, boobs or cheeks and hoping it’ll plump you up without causing any damage. At Secret Surgery, all of our silicone implants are made to order, after being measured for the patient. Not only does this mean that our implants are clean, safe and reliable, but they’re also tailored to fit you. We often find patients who are asking for breast implants have asymmetrical breasts and need two different sizes of implant, anyway.

In other words, just in case you ever get tempted: don’t buy implants online! No doctor in their right minds will operate with those, because they’re dangerous, risky, and – frankly – unsafe. The Shanghai university student should count her lucky stars that her surgeon did refuse to use the implant she had bought, or she might have ended up with a painful and expensive post-op infection!

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Video Testimonial: My Girlfriend’s Breast Implants

Another day, another Secret Surgery story. Today, we’ve got someone who wants to tell us his story about accompanying his girlfriend during her trip to have breast implants at Secret Surgery.

“My girlfriend and I decided to book breast implants with Secret Surgery, because we felt secure and positive with the info given to us by Angela Chouaib when we met with her for a consultation in Kent. Everything was well-organized on our behalf, including travel and flights, and we were told where to go and what to bring with us weeks before the trip.”

Great! And what about when you got here? “When we both arrived we ere taken to out hotel by Jack the taxi driver, who was great. The apartment was very ‘designer’ – up to date, spacious – we’ll definitely stay there when we go back again.”

“The next day, we were met by Aga, who picked us up and took us to the hospital for our consultation. Jack and Aga were both very polite and talkative, and they spoke brilliant English. We also met the surgeon, who was very understanding, humble and caring; we were both very glad that he would be the surgeon performing the operation. He was great with my girlfriend – making her laugh and checking up on her – and he also spoke to me personally to say how glad he was to have done the surgery.”

But what about the service you received with Secret Surgery? “Nothing was too much trouble – I had just lost my mobile phone on the plane, and Angela kindle gave me a spare one to use, which was so helpful. The nurses were lovely to me, and even took time to print me out a tram map so I could travel between the hospital, my apartments, train stations and shopping centres. The Polish people also are very helpful if you get lost!”

Are you both pleased you came to Secret Surgery? “The operation was a success! I would definitely go again soon, to have teeth veneers done. Another reason to go back: I fell in love with the restaurants, buildings and scenery out there! Thanks Secret Surgery, for making our trip perfect!”

Thanks to you both! It’s always great to hear positive stories from our patients! If you’re a previous patients of ours, why not tell the world about your experience with us?

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