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Suck it and See: Is VASER Liposuction Right for You?

We read about celebrities undergoing surgery all the time, and liposuction is one of the most common procedures; but what do we really know about it? Here’s a quick rundown on the ins and outs of liposuction, to ensure you’re equipped with the all-important details.
What is liposuction?
Liposuction removes excess fat. It’s not a treatment to lose weight, and it can’t tackle any cellulite. Rather, it gets rid of the fat that’s so hard to budge through diet and exercise alone. You see, when you lose and gain weight, certain areas of your body will develop fatty cells; liposuction simply decreases those localised fat deposits, by utilising a variety of techniques.
What happens during the procedure?
Here at Secret Surgery we use VASER, which not only gives you more precise results, but a quicker recovery time too. The treatment employs ultrasound technology to target your problem areas, and can often tighten the skin at the same time. It can take from one hour to several hours, depending on the treated area(s), and you’ll be provided with compression garments to allow your body to adjust. Typically three weeks without strenuous activity is recommended, and the results are immediately evident.
Who’s the best candidate for liposuction?
The younger the better; it’s not that the treatment isn’t suitable for older patients, but the skin’s elasticity will most certainly determine results. Bear in mind that liposuction isn’t a quick fix, so realistic expectations are a must: you’ll notice a significant difference if you employ exercise and correct nutrition, because your physique is an extremely important factor. Diabetes, poor blood circulation and heart or lung disease can all cause complications, so liposuction is not recommended for those with such conditions.
What are the risks?
Bleeding, infection and even a reaction to the anaesthetic can all occur post-operatively. While the rate of complication is extremely low, you’re likely to encounter less glamorous side effects. The treated area can become discoloured underneath the skin, and you’ll experience a degree of numbness temporarily. You may also experience some contour irregularities such as wrinkling of the skin or small depressions, but while these after-effects are entirely possible, they are also treatable.
Angela Chouaib MD & Founder of Secret Surgery Ltd states “whatever your reason for having liposuction we are here to help you both medically and support and mentor you through the emotional side of body imperfections too”

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Tummy Tuck – Patient Review

SURGERY ABROAD PATIENT REVIEWFirst class service from start to finish!  Right from the start Angela went out of her to help, answering many questions, putting me in touch with previous patients, and organising every aspect of my surgery holiday for me, which completely took the stress out of it for me.

From the moment I arrived in Poland, I was looked after by Aga, nothing was ever too much trouble for her. The nurses and hospital standards were really second to none, I can honestly say they exceeded my expectations. Dr W is amazing, from the initial consultation, he put my nerves at ease, was very honest about what could be achieved….

I am happy to say I am delighted with the results. I can’t speak highly enough of Angela or Dr W, In my opinion they are both the best in their field.

Helen – Blackpool

March 2012


CLAIRE – 100% Satisfaction – Breast Lift Testimonial

SURGERY ABROAD PATIENT REVIEWI highly recommend Secret Surgery, Angela has been absolutely fantastic and made the whole journey/experience an easy one to take, very informative and very soothing in those times of need. The surgeon in Poland and his assistant were second to none. I would definitely recommend secret surgery and may even consider more surgery in the future.

Scots are shaping up for summer

As summer nears, our thoughts naturally turn to the prospect of a sun-drenched holiday in a far-flung resort. From the moment you feel the warm, golden sand beneath your feet, you’ll want to do nothing more than to lie back and soak up the rays. Your holiday may be blissful and relaxing, but the odds are that the weeks leading up to it will be anything but. As well as planning your travel itinerary and arranging for a neighbour to house-sit the dog, there’ll be the small matter of getting your body into shape.

Most women – as well as a good number of men – agonise over how they’re going to look when they’re on the beach. Clad in only swimwear, legs and stomachs will be instantly exposed – revealing those imperfections we’re so desperate to hide. Scots firm Secret Surgery are offering holiday-goers the perfect solution via a range of cosmetic procedures.

Nicola Connolly – Regional Manager for Scotland says “With tummy tucks, arm & thigh lifts as well as liposuction all available, it’s never been easier to achieve the beach body you’ve always wanted.”

For more information on Secret Surgery, visit or email Nicola Connolly at [email protected]

Secret Surgery holds Consultations in London at Persona Clinic

Secret Surgery is proud to have partnered with Persona Clinic to offer a discrete and professional pre and post operative consultation process and aftercare.

Persona Cosmetic Medicine are specialists in non-surgical anti-ageing medicine. At Persona we have created an environment where you can feel at ease and talk in complete confidence abut your concerns. Whether it’s the radiance of younger looking skin, or a specific problem you wish to address, we host a range of professional, quality assured treatments that will rejuvenate your appearance and improve the way you look and feel.

Persona Pure Beauty
Persona’s solution to all of your pampering and beauty needs. Through the blend of experience, exquisite treatments, and carefully chosen quality products, Persona Pure Beauty will deliver the definitive experience, from perfect nails to indulgent relaxation.

Phone: 0845.060.7080
Email: [email protected]


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