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Forget global. Think local… The upside down world of medical tourism

Forget global. Think local… The upside down world of medical tourism.

Secret Surgery for Scotland’s Yummy Mummies

Scots firm Secret Surgery has enjoyed a prolific first year of business. The cosmetic surgery holiday specialists, who turned one in November, have recently expanded their services north of the border after a flurry of interest from Scottish women. Founded by Dumbarton businesswoman Angela Chouaib, Secret Surgery has gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months, attracting new clients and earning awards along the way.

Cosmetic surgery abroadThe firm has already helped over 200 women experience surgery abroad in a state-of-the-art Polish Hospital. Many of Secret Surgery’s clients had yearned to have cosmetic procedures for some time, but were unable to, often due to the prohibitive cost. After being told that she must wait two years for plastic surgery on the NHS, Angela decided to launch Secret Surgery.

She spent Nine months researching surgery options in the UK and abroad, before discovering a Hospital in Poland she felt was suitable. Her initial concerns about foreign surgery, compounded by scant client reviews and the stigma associated with Eastern European treatment, were soon assuaged.

In April of 2010, she underwent a tummy tuck, and was so satisfied with the service she returned a month later for a breast reduction and uplift. One of Secret Surgery’s most popular packages is their mummy makeovers. Angela explains: “A typical mummy makeover package holiday costs £2,810 all inclusive for a tummy tuck, compared to £6,000 in the UK.” Other popular procedures with Secret Surgery include Vaser Liposuction thigh, arm and face lifts along with breast augmentation.

The company regularly hosts meetings and discussion groups across the country, designed to assist women – and men – who are interested in learning more about cosmetic procedures.

Secret Surgery ScotlandThe firm have now expanded their operations in Scotland, with Nicola Connolly becoming the Scottish representative. Based in Dumbarton, Nicola’s role is to offer emotional, moral support as well as advise on all aspects of surgery abroad and to answer questions regarding Secret Surgery.

Angela Chouaib says: “I’m delighted to be welcoming Nicola, a fellow Scotswoman, into the Secret Surgery fold. Nicola and I are both mothers and understand the pressures of raising a family while still wanting to look and feel good.

Secret Surgery has helped me achieve that, and we look forward to helping many more women experience Harley Street standards without the price tag!”


For more information on Secret Surgery, visit or email Nicola Connolly at [email protected]

The Rise of the Cosmetically Enhanced Man

Poor men – they get a rough deal really. We make fun of them for their man bellies, their balding heads and, worse of all, their moobs. We subject them to the kind of comments you wouldn’t get away with saying to a lady – unless you wanted a slap that is. With all that ripping, it’s little wonder, then, that there’s been a 7% increase in the number of men seeking cosmetic surgery in the UK.

Traditionally a female domain, cosmetic surgery is largely sought after by women wanting to repel the signs of ageing through facelifts, losing fat through liposuction and increasing their bust size through implants. These are all things that men get self-conscious about too however. Well, perhaps not increasing their bust size… (more…)

Help! Survive the “Lifestyle vs Healthy Eating War”

Help! Survive the “Lifestyle vs Healthy Eating War”.

Secret Surgery and Money Solutions UK

There are a number of thoughts that will be going through your head when you consider electing for cosmetic surgery.

cosmetic surgery loansAre you choosing the right clinic? Have you considered all the options? Can you afford it?

This last question is, undoubtedly, one that troubles many patients. Yes, many surgical procedures are available on the NHS – gastric bands and breast reductions are just two of them – but they’re only available to those deemed ‘suitable candidates’. Because of this, many of us are unable to remedy these hang-ups; we cannot achieve something we’ve dreamed of achieving for years. For those of us who don’t comply with the NHS criteria, there’s no other option than contacting a private clinic.

Of course, private surgery in the UK is more expensive than anywhere else in the world. Costs can be substantial, even for the most common procedures. That’s why many patients consider travelling to clinics abroad – they want the very best cosmetic surgery, without having to take out a bank loan. But surgery is never cheap – if it is, you’re putting yourself in danger.  (more…)

Bruce’s Almighty Mishap

You know how it is; you see a celebrity at an event with a bit of bruising and some fresh scarring and you instantly think ‘cosmetic surgery’. So when surgery junkie Bruce Jenner appeared at the LA Stables Centre last month spotting some curious-looking bruises on his face, we all instantly presumed he’d gone under the knife again.

The former gold medal-winning athlete has always been open about his plastic surgery – a rather refreshing sentiment in the world of showbiz. Although when you’re married to the fabulous Kris Jenner and a star on hit US reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians, trying to keep your private life under wraps must be a tad impossible – as must competing with some of the seriously beautiful ladies on the show. (more…)

Secret Surgery for Men?

You know what men are like; when it comes to body image and feelings, they clamp up quicker than you can say “moob”. Unlike the fairer sex, you’ll never catch men around the water cooler at the gym discussing whether they fancy a bit of a nip and tuck or a few botox injections – if they did they’d be taunted by their macho mates for years to come.

No, poor men get the rough end of the stick when it comes to looking good. Not only are they just as insecure as women, confiding in friends is generally off-limits and even the idea of visiting a cosmetic surgeon could seem out of the question. But that needn’t be the case! (more…)


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