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TOWIE Hang Ups

towie plastic surgeryThe stars of The Only Way is Essex are like billboards for cosmetic surgery. Every month, a new story reveals that one of the cast members is having a procedure, or a paparazzi photo reveals the work they’ve already had done.Chloe Sims, one of the ITV2 reality programme’s biggest stars, makes no secret of the surgery she’s undergone.
In fact, she wore a particularly revealing black dress back in November, which featured a plunging neckline which led all eyes to her perky boobs. It’s not mere speculation, as Chloe talks openly about the procedures she’s had in the past. (more…)

Even Surgery Can’t Save Some People

Desperate Scousewives plastic surgeryLiverpudlian footballer Joey Barton is the latest to speak out against the reality TV show Desperate Scousewives. Speaking on Twitter, Barton slammed the E4 show by stating that many of the cast aren’t even proper Scousers. We’d be inclined to agree; in fact we wonder if they’re even human.Barton’s not the first to squirm in horror at the show. Liverpudlians in their droves have been excoriating the cast online. Holly Johnson, Frankie Goes to Hollywood singer, said she felt ‘ashamed’ by the programme. (more…)

Rhinoplasty Patient Testimonial – Surgery in Poland

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Thigh Expectations

Today I thought I’d give you a brief update on my long-awaited thigh surgery, as there’s a moral to this cautionary tale, one that all patients should bear in mind.Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Angela Chouaib

Angela Chouaib

I travelled to Wroclaw in December to have my anticipated thigh lift: I’d already had my examination, and everything was good to go. I jetted off to Poland and arrived at the clinic. It was there, however, that I learned of  an unexpected twist.

When I went to see the surgeon, he conducted a further examination prior to the procedure. It turned out that I had gained weight since my original meeting with him.

In short, it meant I couldn’t have the thigh lift. (more…)

New Year, New You

So what’s your New Year’s resolution going to be for you? I’ve been through them all: acquiring healthy eating habits, drinking less and going to the gym more. I think we generally just try to improve various aspects of our lives, even if we don’t achieve the results we expected.

But broken promises aside, what’s more important than improving your confidence? Even if 2011 was as kind to you as it was to Secret Surgery, we all need a little lift now and again. No, I’m not talking about face lifts, but rather a boost to your self-esteem.

There’s no better time than the New Year in which to plan for the months ahead, and decide what you would like to achieve by the time 2013 rolls round. If there’s something that’s been niggling at you for months or even years, it might be time to consider treating yourself to relief. (more…)

Secret Surgery’s Guide to Surgery Abroad – Part 10

Part 10 – What If Something Does Go Wrong?

So you know it’s important to ask questions about the surgery, and to always ask questions of yourself. You’ve learnt what to look for in contracts, and may have everything documented and detailed to perfection. You know where you’re going, you have your finances in order, and you’re ripe and ready to travel. You’re flexible, you have a friend to hand, and you know to plan for complications.

But no matter how much we plan, things sometimes go wrong even if you choose surgery at the hospital down the road! I wrote this guide to help you prepare for your own surgery abroad, as when I underwent surgery myself I could have done with a clear ‘how to’ guide! I hope you’ve been able to take something from it, including these last three pieces of advice:


1. Make sure you have a GP at home who knows you’re going abroad, and will help you on return to the UK. There’s a stigma surrounding medical tourism, and I know only too well that general practitioners are sometimes the authors of it. However, if you find the right GP and express how prepared you are for every eventuality, he or she should support and respect your decision.


2. Ask the surgeon abroad what to expect post-operatively, because you should know what level of pain or discomfort is normal. Of course it’s worrying when you haven’t experienced surgery before, but knowing if something really has gone wrong is imperative.


3. Lastly, don’t worry about getting in touch with the surgery. It’s ridiculous to suffer in silence, so simply contact them to express any concerns you might have. It’ll be easier to deal with if you alert them quickly, and you’ll feel more confident once you have all the answers.


Luckily, complications due to cosmetic surgery are rarer than you might think: we perform hundreds of operations monthly, and we haven’t had a single complication to date. We monitor your progress post-operatively so we’re able to make sure you’re doing well, and – if something was to happen – we’re able to respond immediately.


I’ll finish as I started off – there will always be horror stories about botched boob jobs in the media. Research everything thoroughly, and you’ll come to your own impressions about that. If you do opt for surgery abroad, I hope you’re as pleasantly surprised as I was. Find the right surgery outside the UK, and you’ll be amazed at how wonderfully clean, professional and caring they really can be.


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