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Secret Surgery’s Guide to Surgery Abroad – Part 9

Dos and Don’ts

Angela Chouaib

Angela Chouaib

When I had surgery, reminding myself of what to expect was invaluable. I started Secret Surgery to help others considering medical tourism, and I’ve always wanted to pass on my experiences and advice with complete honesty. To save you the trouble, here’s my personal ‘dos and don’ts’ list: (more…)

Truly Secret Surgery for Executives

Cosmetic procedures are surging in popularity. Despite the media’s insistence on creating a stigma around surgery, many of us contemplate having a little nip or tuck here and there. Of course, while some of us may concede that this is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s understandable that some will want to keep their procedure quiet.

We won't tell if you don't.

Here at Secret Surgery, we completely understand. Our name pretty much says it all.

There are a number of reasons you might want to keep your surgery secret. Perhaps you’re embarrassed by the nature of the surgery you’re undergoing, or you might even plan on pleasantly surprising someone! The point is, we never probe about why you’re having a procedure done, and we treat every client with the strictest confidence. After all, we don’t perform surgery based on your life or past: we perform surgery if you’re a suitable candidate. Our absolute priority is ensuring your health and happiness, and a large part of that comes from adhering to your wishes. If you want to keep your surgery secret, we won’t argue.

A large part of our client base are actually city workers; high-flying Executives who don’t want their colleagues nosing into their private lives. Understandable, especially when
one of the world’s most famous surgeries is just a stone’s throw away in Harley Street. You don’t want to bump into your peers on the way out the door, and that’s why our recovery space is the five-star Sofitel in Poland. Offering the epitome of comfort and relaxation after surgery, its peaceful location means no one need know you’re there.

Whether you’re traveling to us for a Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation or Liposuction, we assure that you’ll receive beautiful, natural results.

After all, this isn’t Beverly Hills – this is Secret Surgery in Poland.

For further Information please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email [email protected]

Janey’s Inspirational Surgical Journey

My surgical journey started in 2007, when I had some back surgery to help relieve pain. I found myself in a high-dependency unit, and weighing in at 18 stone. I think it’s safe to say I was feeling pretty low. The specialist on the ward wanted to have a chat with me, and I expected the reassuring, polite manner we all associate with doctors. But that day, I was out of luck. All he said was ‘You ought to be ashamed of yourself.’ To my absolute horror, he shouted ‘Get the weight off!’

I was understandably distraught, and suffered terribly over the next few months. The comment had not helped – in fact, my weight crept up even more. (more…)

Post-Pregnancy Renovations

Becoming a mother can be the most fulfilling experience of a woman’s life. However, taking pleasure in your new role as a Mum doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice your own sense of worth and well-being. We all know that after giving birth the skin around the abdomen can become loose and stretched.

Most women experience weight gain during the pregnancy, and with a newborn it is mighty difficult to get yourself up and out to the gym to get rid of it. Furthermore, breastfeeding can change the shape and firmness of your once-perfect breasts. All of these factors, combined with hormonal changes and fatigue, can greatly damage a woman’s self-esteem.  In most cases, simply getting back to their old, pre-pregnancy bodies would be a huge boost.
This has led to some mothers undergoing cosmetic treatments having exhausted natural methods of weight-loss and the standard old wives’ tricks for smooth, flawless skin post-pregnancy. The cocktail of treatments has been referred to as the “Mommy makeover” in cosmetic surgery circles in Miami, and elsewhere in the US.

The baby will leave, but will the bump?

Most common treatments opted for are liposuction, breast lift (and/or reduction) surgery, and tummy tucks to get rid of that irksome and unbecoming flap of skin that never seems to snap back into place. Interestingly, the Mommy makeover also includes some vaginal cosmetic surgery in cases where the shape of the vagina post-pregnancy is not conducive to sexual gratification.
The designer vagina procedure tones vaginal muscles, resulting in greater strength, contraction and control. It is a standard gynaecological surgical procedure. The stretched muscle at the back of the vagina is joined together and shortened with dissolvable stitches, and the unwanted skin is removed.
All aspects of the Mommy makeover – from tummy tuck to vaginal toning – is available from our expert surgeons here at Secret Surgery. You too can get back to your best.

For further Information please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email [email protected]

Gastric & Plastic Friends ISG Meeting – January

Gastric & Plastic FriendsThis is a FREE meeting is arranged by Secret Surgery and it is designed for anyone in the Kent or South East England area that needs Information, support or guidance with weight loss surgery or plastic surgery whilst meeting similar minded people.

The group is non-clinical and we discuss all lifestyle related issues to help you be the best you can be!


This is a regular meeting (which is normally) where on the 1st Monday of each month we can share our experiences and grow happier and healthier and stronger with the support and motivation of one another.

In January – we have set the meeting to take place on the 2nd Monday (as a one off) which is the 9th January 2012. At this meeting we as joined by Jane Michelle – She is a specialist bariatric dietician and also the MD & Founder of

Jane Michell developed her love of good food working at the BBC with household names such as Delia Smith and Rick Stein. After the birth of her third child, Jane decided to retrain and turn her passion for exercise and nutrition into a whole new way of life.
Through her work at The Princess Grace Hospital and various clinics over the past eight years, Jane has helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals. She writes for a number of press titles and has spoken live on national radio.
Jane is known for her caring approach, her non-judgmental attitude and her in-depth understanding of the issues faced by anyone wanting to lose weight.
JanePlan draws on the knowledge and skills of a select team of nutritionists, dietitians, fitness professionals and life coaches to provide you with a highly qualified and caring service.

For anyone a little nervous to attend the meeting on their own please email [email protected] and I can meet you outside and we can walk in together.

If anyone is traveling by train then please call me and I can pick you up from the nearest train station. TIME 7PM – 9PM The full address is:

Terrace Bar – Opposite Reception

Bridgewood Manor Hotel

Walderslade Woods




Cosmetic Surgery on Holiday

You have your suitcase packed, you’ve picked out a gorgeous pair of sunglasses that make you look insect-like and you have your passport and boarding pass at the ready. You’re not heading abroad for a fanciful beach holiday, and the sunglasses aren’t for the glare however; they’re so no one can see the black eyes from your nose job on the return trip. Yes, more and more people are heading abroad to receive plastic surgery – but why this massive increase?

There are a number of reasons for heading abroad to receive plastic surgery. For one, it can be much cheaper – even including flights and accommodation. Depending on currency conversions, and higher competition for plastic and cosmetic surgeons in places like Prague, Brussels or Wroclaw, your procedure can cost substantially less abroad.


Similarly, you are guaranteed discretion and anonymity when you leave your comfort zone. Much as we may love the ring of shame that highlights celebrities’ weird nose or boob job, eye- or face-lift, cosmetic surgery has a negative connotation. Naturally, many people are disinclined to share their plans to have work done, or to admit that indeed they’ve had a procedure once it is completed. (more…)

A Cosmetic Super-Surgeon

Angela ChouaibSometimes the achievements and expertise of cosmetic and plastic surgeons are unfairly derided in the media. Here at Secret Surgery, we’d like to honour and celebrate the achievements of plastic surgeon Professor Simon Kay for his work on a victim of the Cumbria shootings last year in Britain.
In Cumbria, England last year in a country lane, a taxi-driver pulled up next to hotelier Harry Berger and shot him. Berger was one of 25 people shot that day by Derrick Bird, and his injuries were severe. “The shotgun barrels were only about six inches away from my body,” Berger says. “The first shot hit my hand and shredded my little two fingers. The second shot entered through my tricep – about halfway between my elbow and my shoulder – and removed my whole bicep, along with the artery, and nerves.”
The plastic surgeries Mr Berger underwent were tested and developed in war zones like Afghanistan, Belfast, and Vietnam, where they have helped countless soldiers and victims of war regain the use of their limbs, or help them to undo the effects of injuries to the face or burns to the skin.
Surgeons working within hours of the attack on Berger took a vein from his right wrist and used it to replace the destroyed brachial artery. Professor Kay then took over the case. Three days later Kay removed a section or “flap” of muscle that runs between Berger’s armpit and hip, and used it to rebuild the missing bicep and triceps muscles. This was, says Kay, “the lesson from Belfast and Afghanistan”.
Mr Berger continues to struggle with his injuries, and no doubt his trauma. Professor Kay remains grateful to the founding fathers of plastic and cosmetic surgery. He mentions Harold Gillies, who worked on facial reconstructions during the First World War, in particular: “[he] laid down the ground rules for the reconstruction of ears, lips, noses, mouths, chins and jaws”.


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