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Onto the slab this week is American singer and songwriter Ciara, with fabulously large goodies that look suspiciously enhanced to us. The actress and fashion model’s career has gone from strength to strength recently, but is this because of her boobs or are the breasts her reward for success?
Since making her debut album back in 2004, the 25-year-old starlet has gone from flat-chested hip-hop queen to curvy, natural diva. Recent photos show a healthy cleavage peeping out from a slinky black dress, a thousand miles away from the boyish figure Ciara sported in her first music videos. We wonder if transforming her career was the motivation for plastic surgery? She’s gone from ‘funky young entertainer’ to ‘model fit for the front page of magazines.’ Of course, Ciara’s bust is now more in keeping with her fellow colleagues on the runway, so has she done it to fit in with the rest? (more…)

Breast & Vaser Liposuction in Poland Patient Testimonial — Surgery in Poland

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Playmate Plastic Surgery

Like us, you may have David Boreanaz (aka the bloke from ‘Angel’) very low on your ‘I give a damn’ list. But what if we told you that he married a Playmate? Still low? Yeah, we hear you. What if we told you that she had flawless work done? And Angel – sorry David – cheated on her and claimed it was of benefit to their marriage? It’s an interesting one, worthy of bumping say the lad who played Xander in Buffy at least.
David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz: No Angel

Young David seems to have it all – He’s got a Playmate wife and he is acting his socks off in Bones (We’re told). His gorgeous wife, Jaime, has had the traditional Playmate makeover – breast implants, a nose job, and most probably some botox in the forehead and between the brows – in addition to possible lip fillers such as restylane or juvederm. Her work is not overdone, leaving her looking sweetly sexy. (more…)

The Strange Case of Kalinka Bamberski

This week has seen a disturbing news story, one connected to our love of cosmetic enhancements, but perhaps our naivety as to their effects too.Back in the summer of 1982, Kalinka Bamberski was on holiday with her mother and stepfather in Lindau. With the intention of allegedly aiding her suntan, the girl’s stepfather Dieter Krombachgave her an iron injection. Kalinka later died of suffocation. This much is clear, but French and German detectives have disagreed on the intent of the retired German doctor for the past 30 years.

Kalinka in 1982

The retired cardiologist admits to giving the young girl the injection whilst on holiday in Bavaria, but denies harming with intent. Back when the case was first opened, the German courts found Kalinka’s death to be accidental. Her body was exhumed afterwards however, and a post-mortem examination carried out; the French court now convicted him of manslaughter in his absence. (more…)

The Beautiful Paradox: Pro-Choice for Anti-Surgery

Few would deny that Kate Winslet is a beauty. Luscious red locks, pearlescent white skin and a coveted hourglass figure, but how long will it last? This gorgeous national treasure is firmly anti-surgery. She’s frequently commented on Hollywood’s obsession with body image, and now joins together with a troupe of organic Oscar winners to promote the ‘British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League.’

Kate Winslet: Looking good - and not a filler in sight

Sounds like a movie in itself, doesn’t it? Cue Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz in costume, zimmering along with their prune-like faces, as the rest of the cast look on in dismay. A little harsh perhaps, but the truth is that undergoing cosmetic surgery is a choice. It’s all well and good to say ‘I don’t want to freeze the expressions of my face’ but my God don’t start knocking on people’s doors like a Jehovah’s Witness, freezing their expression of opinion full stop.

Winslet told The Telegraph only weeks ago, ‘I will never give in,’ because cosmetic surgery ‘goes against my morals, the way that my parents brought me up and what I consider to be natural beauty.’ (more…)

Reclaiming Carla’s Curves

With Carla Bruni having recently given birth to Sarkozy spawn, the watchful eye of the media is focused on her. Will she return to a pre-pregnancy state? How will she lose that extra baby weight? Is the baby actually the president’s? OK, so that last one isn’t relevant, but many of the photographs show Carla Bruni looking fresh-faced and unscathed by the tolls of pregnancy. Remarkable, considering she’s had her bundle of joy a little late at 42.

Carla Bruni Yummy Mummy Makeover

Carla Bruni: Beautiful in any language

Last year however, the Daily Mail asked medical consultants to gauge exactly what they believed the beautiful Bruni to have had: among the treatments suggested were Botox and fillers, creating an entirely different picture to the one we usually see in the media. A rather unflattering close-up shot seemed to back up the consultants’ assumptions; so why the false portrayal of a natural beauty past her prime?

The fact is, ‘Mummy makeovers’ are all the rage. In Hollywood it’s an established routine, but back here in the UK it’s still somewhat controversial. Pregnancy definitely takes its toll on the body, and changes in metabolism can contribute to more permanent weight gain; much more difficult to lose than a couple of post-Christmas pounds. Breast-feeding is another aspect which contributes to body change, changing the size, shape and even sagginess of the breast tissue. (more…)

Lilo until you’ve got your teeth sorted, Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Bad Teeth Photo

Lindsay Lohan

Oh Lindsay Lohan, will you ever actually learn? Committing a crime, receiving community service and not seeing the punishment through is one thing; but please would you look after your teeth?Linday’s recent red carpet appearance has been the talk of the blogosphere and gossip mags. Not because she’s fallen over drunk again or haphazardly flashed her pants to the paps, no; it’s because her smile can best be described as ‘disturbing’. Decayed, yellowed and chipped, her not-so pearly whites spoke volumes about the goings on in her private life, making the troubled actress appear much older than 25.

Her publicist was less than forthcoming when pressed by the media as to the state of the star’s grill: ‘With everything going on – from deteriorating public education to rampant homelessness to international unrest – there is no way I’m going to comment on Lindsay’s teeth.’ Quite right too, but when the whole world thinks she looks like a rampant vagrant, surely something needs to be done to recover the actress’s former glory. (more…)


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