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Turning back time…

p16nq7mu4916hl1bbt1de6dtfci60_8285Turning back the years isn’t exactly an option, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t at least appear to knock a few off with the help of cosmetic surgery. Anti-ageing solutions are available everywhere these days, but few of them really work. At least with cosmetic surgery, you’re guaranteed results. If you’re hoping to stay youthful, here’s a list of some seriously good surgeries that you might want to consider:

  • Face lifts: Yep, you guessed it – pretty much everyone has heard of the face lift. A face lift will reduce wrinkles and jowls, making your face appear younger, brighter, and fresher.
  • Neck lift: Like a face lift… but on your neck! If you feel that the years have been unkind to your neck – and many of us do – then this might just be for you.
  • Other lifts: You can also have a thigh lift, or an arm lift, or a breast lift, or a buttock lift… we do all kinds! A lift basically just tautens your skin to reduce wrinkles and sagging.
  • Vaginal tightening: This might be for you if you’re concerned about how ageing has affected your sex life. Not only can this operation make sex more pleasurable for your partner, it can also make it better for you!
  • Botox and fillers: If you’re looking for a simple fix, botox and fillers can soften the lines in your face and plump up your cheeks.

This is a lot of options – but try not to feel overwhelmed! If you just can’t make your mind up, then don’t worry: seeing one of our UK consultants is the best way to talk through your options and figure what procedure – or combination of procedures – is right for you.

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Designer Vaginas – All you need to know!

So it’s our biggest source of embarrassment, and one of the most uncomfortable topics around, but it’s also an important one. Our vaginas are important.

To elaborate on that bold statement, let it be said that we’re talking about wellbeing. Stick on all the diamantes you want, enhance your style with a brightly-coloured wig, but vajazzles and merkins aside, weren’t we told that it’s the inside that counts?

We’re a nation obsessed by looks, but cosmetic surgery isn’t simply about that. It can provide a solution to a problem, or a much-needed lift; and no, not your face, but a lift to your inner being.

You see, when you’ve given birth to your bundle of joy, the first thing on your mind probably won’t be vaginal muscles.  Sooner or later however, they may become an issue. These muscles will expand during pregnancy, perhaps weaken and loosen, and become something you genuinely have cause to worry about. No woman wants her sacred parts become unrecognisable, or at the very least to be significantly altered. Let screaming toddlers turn into grumpy teenagers, but please let us retain a shapely vagina at all costs.

Vaginal tightening - or vaginoplasty - is a procedure than can gives you greater strength, contraction and control. It’s a standard gynecological procedure that joins the stretched muscles in your vagina, shortening the tissue and removing the unwanted skin. Any scarring remains on the inside, and you achieve a state akin to pre-pregnancy. This can enhance your feelings of sexual pleasure.  One of the greatest lifts in life, after all, is sex. To be able to give and receive more during lovemaking is something that everyone should be able to enjoy.

Angela Chouaib MD & Founder of Secret Surgery Ltd commented “So whilst you’re suffering from sleepless nights, know they could be unsettled for all the right reasons. OK, so while no-one can guarantee all-night sessions with the hubby, but surgeons can certainly help you by imparting that much-needed lift. Don’t suffer from embarrassment or discontent when it comes to considering your vagina: there’s a solution out there that’s right for you”.

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