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Quick Fix Beauty – An interview with Wojciech Waclawowicz MD

Can modern medicine offer a ‘quick solution’ which won’t interfere with our short-term plans and allow for enjoying the changes in the future?

Wojciech Wacłowicz MD

Wojciech Wacłowicz MD

Doctor Wojciech Wacłowicz:

It’s a difficult problem, since – when planning changes in our appearance – we ought to look at ourselves in perspective. Quick decisions and sudden acts can complicate the therapy. Just like with a house renovation – we don’t do anything randomly, but at each stage we plan the next one.

When thinking of beauty improvement, we should take into account all the elements that influence it.  Our appearance is a product of many elements: skin type, face shape, shape and placement of the nose, eyes and lips and all the changes that come with aging, like wrinkles.  To improve one’s appearance one can use cosmetic treatments, non-invasive surgery or typical plastic surgery. (more…)

Plastic surgery – an interview with Wojciech Waclawowicz MD

It can be said that he can make dreams of a beautiful face and perfect body come true. Both men and women visit him – and he informs, advises and warns. Through correction of imperfections he gives his patients strength and confidence.  Doctor Wojciech Wacłowicz, plastic surgery and child surgery specialist, agreed to answer some of our questions.

Dr Wojciech Waclawowicz

Dr Wojciech Waclawowicz

How long have you been specialising in cosmetic surgery? What makes you still so passionate about it?

‘Cosmetic surgery is only a small element of plastic and reconstruction surgery, which I’ve been doing for 8 years. It is also the most emotional, sometimes even controversial, discipline.  On the one hand, cosmetic treatments give youth back – at least its external attributes, thus fulfilling one of the oldest dreams of humanity. On the other hand, it is said that one should age in dignity, without correcting God’s work.’

‘Nowadays cosmetic surgery is able to do a lot. Development of new operation techniques, introduction of modern equipment and new materials – all this allows for great results in appearance correction. Cosmetic surgery can be applied to almost all body parts: neck, face, breasts, limbs and intimate areas. The type of treatment is adjusted for each patient individually. Some people look younger after only small cosmetic corrections, like botox or filler injections, for others the same effect might require a complicated surgery. (more…)

Secret Surgery’s Guide to Surgery Abroad – Part 1

Why Surgery Abroad?

Angela Chouaib

Angela Chouaib

People have been going abroad for surgery for years, and the overseas industry just continues to grow. Maybe it’s because it’s cheaper, maybe it’s because it sounds exotic, but it could also be the fact that it is a safe and viable option.

There are always horror stories – of course there are – although most appear to be extreme cases that have become tales used to win UK consumers into staying on these shores.  With some proper research and knowledge on your side, you’ll be ready to take that trip abroad for surgery. With the media’s inclination for sensationalising everything, you’ll be happy to learn that surgery abroad is not the nightmare some make it out to be.  On the whole, the service is very professional and the aftercare is excellent.

There a few things you can do to empower yourself before surgery abroad, but there’s probably one thing to ask yourself above all other considerations: ‘Is surgery abroad right for me?’ No matter what the credentials of the clinic are, and no matter how much you want to have the procedure done; if you can’t cope with being away from home, and the thought of leaving your family at home distresses you, undergoing surgery abroad might not be the right option for you. (more…)

GP in botched surgery cases commits suicide

Dr Christiaan BothaThe general practitioner who was barred from performing cosmetic surgeries after he conducted illegal botched breast augmentation that left his clients disfigured has committed suicide.

Dr Christiaan Botha committed suicide last weekend, a month before he was to appear before the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) on more charges relating to performing outside the scope of his qualifications.

Botha, who studied medicine at the University of Pretoria, was not a qualified plastic surgeon. He started performing cosmetic surgery after 10 years of “self-study” and helping qualified surgeons. (more…)


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