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Secret Surgery: NOT Just For Women!

maleplasticsurgeryWe know the ladies like to feel that Secret Surgery is all theirs, but it’s not JUST for women! Lots of men – very manly men – pass through our doors every year, and we’re hoping to see even more patients with pecs in 2013; cosmetic surgery for men is becoming more and more popular every year – probably at least partially because of all the make celebs we see getting their pecs and abs done!

At Secret Surgery, we offer a range of surgeries for men, including pec implants – to make your muscles stand out that extra bit – and male breast reductions, just in case you’re packing a little extra fat in the one place you don’t want it! Of course, most of our surgeries are completely unisex – you don’t have to be a woman to want liposuction, lifts or nose jobs, either.

Surgery for men is on the up and up, and at Secret Surgery, we’ve been there for you guys all along – and we always will be. It’s not fair to rule men out of cosmetic surgery, and our staff and doctors are experienced and comfortable working with both genders – so don’t be shy! Join our hall of fame, and get in touch today.

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Video Blog: My Moobs

Today’s video blog comes from a very cheeky chappy who came to us for help with his moobs. Watch the video above or read it below to find out what he thought of us – as well as a little bit about what he thinks of boobies.

“I love boobies! Big ones, small ones, fluffy ones – no, puffy ones! Saggy ones… although if I’m older I wouldn’t mind saggy ones. Not right now, I’m only 22, I wouldn’t want saggy tits on anyone… but you know, I’m not gonna complain – I’m not exactly perfect myself! Or am I?

Essentially, the problem is I’ve got moobs, and I wanted to get rid of them. So I saw a woman called Angela, and I went to Poland for Secret Surgery, and the assistant there, Aga, she was HOT, and the surgeon was absolutely amazing too.

Anyway, long story short – secret surgery dot co dot uk. My surgery only cost two and a half grand, and it was the best surgery I’ve ever had. Now I’ve got moobs no more! And also, it’s helped me to lose weight a little bit too! Check it out.”

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Moobs! Gynecomasty Surgery in Poland – Patient Testimonial

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