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Did you seek cosmetic surgery to look… your age?

s-BAGGY-EYES-largeIt’s long been known that men and women have turned to cosmetic surgery when the wrinkles started to appear in order to look a little more like they did in their hey days. But… whoever heard of turning to cosmetic surgery just to look your age?

Apparently, this is what more and more men and women in the US are doing every year. A US surgeon told ABC News that many of his patients are overworked men and women in good jobs who don’t want the surgery to eradicate their wrinkles, but ‘just to soften them’.

Perhaps it’s true that the daily stresses of modern life are making us wrinklier and more haggard as the years pass by. Is this really the case though?

I wonder whether, in the US, this is more to do with the fact that super-hot celebrities – whether they’re in their 20s or their 50s – are so commonly seen that people are beginning to think that looking normal at 45 is really looking old. ‘Young’ is the new normal.

My advice? Don’t get cosmetic surgery because you think you look older than you are. Get it because you don’t like the way you look! Stop comparing yourself to other people… or you will always find something to be unhappy with.

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Is cosmetic surgery the fountain of youth?

fountain_of_youth_legendLifts, Botox, fillers… cosmetic surgery offers so many ways to turn back the clock, and it seems like the results that these surgeries can offer are like a modern day fountain of youth…

But surely it’s too good to be true? Cosmetic surgery can make you look ten years younger, but it can’t stop you from getting old – and it can’t keep you young forever. Even Cher is looking older every year – admittedly, only a month older every year – but it’s happening!

The truth is, if you want to keep looking young, you have to keep having more surgery. Each round of Botox or every face lift will only work on the wrinkles you’ve already developed; the ones to come are still just that – to come.

This is why it’s important to view anti-ageing cosmetic surgery in the correct light. It’s not going to fend off wrinkles for the rest of your life, but it will soften your face and take a few years off for the time being. If you’re not happy with this kind of result, then you need to start thinking about whether surgery is for you!

While cosmetic surgery might not be the fountain of youth we all hope it could be, we should be happy we’ve got the means to get rid of even a few wrinkles – it’s something that even just fifty years ago wasn’t an option!

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Angela Chouaib featured in Woman magazine!

women magazine july 2013We’re pleased to announce that a recent feature in the UK’s top Woman magazine included a small spot with Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery, who discussed the effects of social media on today’s society – specifically with relation to us body-conscious women!

The feature went on to describe how social media has slowly led to an increased awareness of facial ageing in society; obviously, as we regularly see patients looking to rejuvenate their faces and turn back the clock, we’re well-placed to talk about just how we think today’s women feel about their ageing looks.

The ever-increasing popularity of such anti-ageing treatments as face lifts, neck lifts, facial fillers and Botox obviously means that we’re growing less and less patient with our age! Of course, we don’t think there’s any problem with that – it just means we’re going to be the most beautiful middle-aged people the world has seen yet!

You can read the full column in Woman magazine, which should be on shelves in the UK, and have a quick look at our sneak peek picture of the spread here.

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Looking your best at school reunions!

reunion-party-1Some of us dread it, some of us can’t wait for it, but none of us can escape it: we all receive an invitation to a school reunion eventually. School reunions take us back to the place we were once at our best, without caring how good we’re looking now! Well, it’s no great surprise then that many people consider a little nip or a tuck right before their high school reunions.

You’ll probably be thinking about procedures that turn back time – we’ve got a range of lifts (face lifts, bum lifts, breast lifts, thigh lifts) to deal with this. Botox and facial fillers are also quite popular when it comes to smoothing out some of those pesky facial lines, and if you’ve maybe put on a pound or two since your graduation, you might also want to consider a spot of lipo – or a tummy tuck!

It’s all to do with what makes you feel more comfortable. We all want to come across well to our old friends – and frenemies – at school reunions, but the best thing you can do is feel comfortable and happy with yourself. If you’re happy with your body, everyone else will sense it – and want to be feel as comfortable in their own skin as you do!

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Turning back time…

p16nq7mu4916hl1bbt1de6dtfci60_8285Turning back the years isn’t exactly an option, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t at least appear to knock a few off with the help of cosmetic surgery. Anti-ageing solutions are available everywhere these days, but few of them really work. At least with cosmetic surgery, you’re guaranteed results. If you’re hoping to stay youthful, here’s a list of some seriously good surgeries that you might want to consider:

  • Face lifts: Yep, you guessed it – pretty much everyone has heard of the face lift. A face lift will reduce wrinkles and jowls, making your face appear younger, brighter, and fresher.
  • Neck lift: Like a face lift… but on your neck! If you feel that the years have been unkind to your neck – and many of us do – then this might just be for you.
  • Other lifts: You can also have a thigh lift, or an arm lift, or a breast lift, or a buttock lift… we do all kinds! A lift basically just tautens your skin to reduce wrinkles and sagging.
  • Vaginal tightening: This might be for you if you’re concerned about how ageing has affected your sex life. Not only can this operation make sex more pleasurable for your partner, it can also make it better for you!
  • Botox and fillers: If you’re looking for a simple fix, botox and fillers can soften the lines in your face and plump up your cheeks.

This is a lot of options – but try not to feel overwhelmed! If you just can’t make your mind up, then don’t worry: seeing one of our UK consultants is the best way to talk through your options and figure what procedure – or combination of procedures – is right for you.

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Has Kim Kardashian had a lip job?

kimIf you’ve been keeping up with the gossip columns recently – who am I kidding? Of course you have – then you’ll know that Kim Kardashian is expecting – and the effects of her baby weight have already been published for the world to see.

Not long ago, she Tweeted pics of herself with new luscious lips which she said are her ‘pregnancy lips’, alluding to the fact that most women put on a little weight when they’re carrying a baby. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of pregnant women gaining weight on their lips!

Speculators wonder whether she’s actually indulged in a little lip work; they certainly look much more plump than before, and this kind of effect can easily be achieved with the help of fillers.

While Kim looks utterly gorgeous with her new lips, we hope that she had the surgery before getting pregnant; most surgeons wouldn’t operate on pregnant women, even if the procedure is as routine as simply inserting fillers. If you’re thinking about treating yourself to some fillers, have them before or after pregnancy – not during!

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LOST Star Rebecca Mader Considers Plastic Surgery

Rebecca-MaderRebecca Mader, well-known for her role as Charlotte Lewis in LOST, has recently gone public with her feelings about plastic surgery. Despite being one of the most gorgeous actresses on TV – and British, to boot – Rebecca has said that she is insecure about her looks and has previously considered plastic surgery.

The 36-year-old former model said “There’s pressure all around from the media for beauty for every woman in the Western world. Whether it’s cosmetic surgery or losing weight, I think there’s a lot of pressure for women to be perfect in our society. It’s gotten better for me because I used to be a model, so it was worse in the fashion business than it is as an actress. I’m happier. I can be a little bit bigger and get away with it.”

We don’t think that Rebecca has had any work done yet, though it sounds like it’s only a matter of time before she decides to. And, of course, if she does – we won’t blame her at all. If I had natural looks like that, I wouldn’t want to see them fade away when I hit 50 either!

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Gwyneth Paltrow on Botox: Been There, Done That

220px-GwynethPaltrowByAndreaRaffin2011This week, Gwyneth Paltrow was featured in Harper’s Bazaar magazine spouting her secrets on looking so young.  The 40-year-old actress has supposedly tried just about anything to keep her youthful looks in tact, and Botox isn’t excluded from the list. When asked whether she’d have Botox again, though, she said “I looked crazy”.

That doesn’t mean that she’s ruling out all plastic surgeries, though. “I would be scared to go under the knife, but you know, talk to me when I’m 50. I’ll try anything.” Gwyneth seems to have hit the nail on the head, here; a lot of our patients are scared about going under the knife! It’s probably why Botox is a popular treatment – it offers a quick-fix solution without the grisly thought of scalpels and surgery.

However, we hope Gwyneth knows that plastic surgery – when done by the right people – is no more risky than Botox. Maybe when she’s 50 we’ll put a good word in her ear and she’ll decide to come to us at Secret Surgery. Not that she needs it – Ms. Paltrow is absolutely gorgeous, and we’re sure that at 50 she’ll look better than I did at 30!

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Dolly Parton’s Plastic Surgery Secrets

dollyDolly Parton looks fantastic for her age, doesn’t she? She’s a true star – the kind that doesn’t come along very often. There’s always been media speculation about her plastic surgery – this week, Dolly has told all about her adventures under the scalpel. And, honestly, we like her take on it.

Dolly says, of cosmetic surgery, “I think you should do it if it’s gonna make you feel better.” She was also asked how her large breast implants were doing, and replies “I don’t think they age. My girls are doing pretty good!” An open mind and a great sense of humour – that’s what we like to see in our stars!

At the end of the day,we think Dolly’s hit the nail on the head. Cosmetic surgery isn’t about making anyone else happy – it’s about making you happy. Whether you want to give your ‘girls’ a bit more oomph, or get rid of excess flab, or pick out the nose you’ve always wanted – do it! But do it for you. If plastic surgery is the way for me to look as good as Dolly Parton when I’m 66 years old, I don’t knock it – it’s just a shame nothing’s going to make me sound as good as her, too!

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Has Mandy Moore Opted for Botox Injections?

Mandy Moore, the American singer and actress, has recently caught the attention of the press as she turns up in the spotlight looking more than a little different to the way she did in her teen year – and we’re not just talking about a spot of ageing.

The 28-year-old has appeared recently with slightly flattened eyebrows and rather smooth features in comparison to the average almost-30-year-old; some celebrity plastic surgeons – not with us at Secret Surgery – have speculated that Ms. Moore may have indulged herself in a spot of Botox sometime in the last couple of years.

Of course, we don’t know whether this is true or not, but here at Secret Surgery, we’d be the last people to judge anybody for opting for a little bit of work here or there. Whether she’s taken the plunge or not, we think Mandy looks fabulous – she is, after all, only 28 – and one of the most beautiful women in the world today.

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Has Leann Rimes Gone Under the Knife?

Leann Rimes isn’t usually the subject of gossip about plastic surgery, but the 30-year-old star has been in the spotlight these past few weeks with speculation that perhaps she’s finally taken the plunge, and had a little nip and tuck.

Rimes left a rehab facility earlier in the month, but found herself in an emergency room for ‘dental problems’ soon after; the idea that many fans have is that this is an excuse to explain any bruising that might occur after plastic surgery.

Over here at Secret Surgery, we don’t know if Leann Rimes has decided to go under the knife – and, really, we know it’s none of our business. If Rimes decides cosmetic surgery is for her, then good on her – but if not, there’s no point throwing assumptions around the web.

What we will say is that Leann looks beautiful anyway; if any cosmetic surgery has taken place, it can only have made her look even better.

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Cameron Diaz’s Secret to Ageing Gracefully

Over the years, there has been plenty of speculation that Cameron Diaz isn’t quite as surgery-free as she often likes to imply; cosmetic surgery experts over the world claim that signs of Botox can be seen in Diaz’s flawless face.

However she does it, Diaz certainly is ageing gracefully – and the way we look at it, it doesn’t matter whether you’re ageing with surgery or without it! Diaz is now forty years old, so it’s no surprise that she may be considering the odd nip here or a tuck there; most of us start thinking about that ten years before forty!

She recently claimed that her great physical shape is down to Pilates, as well as her positive outlook on life. “There’s no such thing as anti-ageing,” she said. “You can’t go back in time.” Whatever she’s doing, it seems to be working – I want to try it!

Ms Diaz looks just as gorgeous now as she did fifteen years ago, and whether she’s using plastic surgery to get there or not – that’s something to be proud of!

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Has Katherine Heigl Gone Under the Knife?

The latest news from Blind Gossip is that an unnamed celebrity has recently undergone some serious plastic surgery.

“This actress has been keeping a really low profile this summer. That’s because she is recovery from a facelift. While we are not shocked that a Hollywood actress is getting plastic surgery, we are a a bit surprised that this actress is getting her first life done at such a young age. We haven’t seen her yet, but we hear that the work was ‘pretty extensive’, that she looks ‘different’ but ‘not bad’, and that her husband ‘approves’.”

We don’t know who this mysterious celeb is, but some sources are speculating that it might the the beautiful Ms. Heigl, who is just 33 years old – making her a little younger than average when it comes to the majority of stars who decide to undergo face lifts.

Whoever it is, of course, at Secret Surgery, we’re just excited to see the results! Katherine Heigl is already a world-famous beauty, so if she has decided to take the plunge and treat herself to a nip and a tuck, we’re sure she can only look even better.

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Tyra Banks Speaks Out For Plastic Surgery

We often hear supermodels denying rumours of plastic surgery, but recently US model Tyra Banks as ‘come out of the closet’ about plastic surgery. The 38-year-old recently told Yahoo! Singapore that she doesn’t think anyone should be condemning plastic surgery.

“I hate when models say ‘Oh, plastic surgery is just a wrong thing’. What’re you talking about? You won the genetic lottery! You look like this specimen that’s making people everywhere feel insecure and you’re going to ridicule someone for getting plastic surgery?”

The model also said that she may well consider having plastic surgery herself in the future. “I’m very lucky. Black people and Asian people have similar (strong) skin… but if one day I have wrinkles and I don’t like it, I don’t know if I’ll cut myself but maybe… a little Botox, or fillers?”

It’s always fantastic to hear people say such positive things about cosmetic surgery. The truth is, we agree with Tyra wholeheartedly! We all look different, and we all feel differently about the way we look. If people want to undergo cosmetic surgery to feel better about themselves, who’s going to judge?

Tyra’s lucky to be so beautiful, and if one day she decides to keep her youthful looks a little longer with the help of a nip here or a tuck there, we certainly won’t be judging her.

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Why WE Love Cosmetic Surgery!

ImageJust because we offer cosmetic surgery, doesn’t mean we don’t treat ourselves to it, too! At Secret Surgery, we practice what we preach, and when you work in the cosmetic surgery industry, it’s tough not to be even more aware of your own appearance – as well as every wrinkle and blemish – as you go about your daily business. It’s also important to maintain your image; our company is all about beauty, both internal and external.

That’s why Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd. has recently undergone a liquid lift with Persona Cosmetic Medicine. This involved Botox injections all over her face, as well as Juvederm Ultra 4 and Voluma injections into her cheeks.

If this is all gobbledegook to you, let’s slow down a little. Botox injections effectively work to relax the muscles of the face, reducing the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles. Juvederm is a brand of facial filler which is used to restore the volume and perkiness of the face, often in the cheeks and under the eyes.

In other words, if you’re feeling that age is taking its toll just a little too quickly for your liking, than a liquid face lift is just what the doctor ordered. Angela Chouaib says “I had my liquid face lift, done by Dr. Lisa Delamaine at Persona Cosmetic Medicine, and I feel fab! It looks great already, and I can’t wait to see the full results in a few months’ time.”

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Kim Kardashian’s Cosmetic Surgery Confessions!

ImageMore celebrity plastic surgery gossip today, as Kim Kardashian has recently announced her – well, we wouldn’t exactly call them ‘plans’ – to go ‘crazy’ and indulge in cosmetic surgery one day. Good for you, Kim.

Kim Kardashian is the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, a hit US reality TV show which has recently gone down a storm here in the UK, too. She’s not the only woman in her family to think of plastic surgery, either; her mother, Kris Jenner, underwent a facelift last year in preparation for Kim’s wedding to Kris Humphries.

Kim said she’s got no current plans to go under the knife, though she won’t rule it out when she’s older. “I haven’t had any surgery.” She told ‘Now’ magazine. “I know they always say, ‘she did that to her butt, she did her nose’, and all that stuff, but I haven’t.”

Kim is quick to point out her views on the matter, though. “I’m not against it – my mom had her neck done and I think they did a really good job, and she did exactly whats he wanted. So when I get older, knowing me, I’m so crazy that I will probably have something done.”

Having previously treated herself to some Botox injections, we don’t doubt that Kim will take the plunge and opt for cosmetic surgery one day, too! And it’s a good thing – because it would be a shame to see those good looks fade!

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To take the next step and receive a FREE personalised info pack and quote please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email [email protected]

Cannes Newsflash: Celeb Surgeries

ImageThe Cannes Film Festival 2012 – that’s the 65th one, to be precise – took place in Cannes, France just one week ago, and we’ve got all the hottest gossip for you.

First up, it looks like Nicole’s had her botched boob job fixed; the superstar actress Nicole Kidman had some pretty obvious botched boobs back in 2007, and she’s clearly had them re-done just in time for Cannes. Along with her buxom new boobs, a lot of commentators have speculated that Kidman’s also been making good use of fillers and Botox.

Other sources seem to think that Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has also splashed out on a little surgery recently, with extra fillers used to plump up her face and cheeks. I’d say she doesn’t need it, but given I haven’t seen the ‘before’ pics – maybe she does!

Finally, Kylie Minogue has also made headlines, with speculations about fillers and Botox, too. This comes on top of the old news of a brow lift a few years ago – at 43, it’s no surprise that Kylie looks as good as she does with a little helping hand from plastic surgery.

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd., has said that “The 65th Cannes Film Festival seemed to be full of beautiful people, and I’m sure plenty of them have indulged in cosmetic surgery before – it’s been clear for many years that we’ve got Hollywood’s endorsement!”

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Jenny McCarthy: Botox’s Biggest Fan?

ImageIs Jenny McCarthy Botox’s biggest fan? While most actresses like to pretend their buxom bosoms and slim waists are simply the results of good diets and regular work-outs, Jenny McCarthy is happy to tell the world how she keeps herself looking so young.

The star, who’s just about to see the launch of her new reality match-making show, Love in the Wild, has been open about using Botox for the past few years, singing its praises at every opportunity.

“I’m an obvious Botox user,” she told Life & Style magazine. “I tell everyone.” McCarthy isn’t just a user of Botox; she’s a lover of it. “I get Botox in my forehead”, she says. “I just have my doctor do a little shot.”

It’s certainly doing something for the 39-year old, who would look more out of place at a PTA meeting than at an under 18′s nightclub. McCarthy has before been in the news for being open about her breast augmentation, so it looks like she’s a lady who’s proud of her cosmetic improvements!

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd., says that “It’s great to see that someone is proud of their cosmetic procedures. For too long there’s been an unhealthy stigma surrounding the cosmetic surgery industry, and women are finally beginning to feel confident and free enough to undertake procedures without shame or guilt.”

Persona Cosmetic Medicine is a leading provider of non surgical, medical aesthetic services to include;  Botox, Dermal Fillers, Thread Vein Removal, Chemical Peels, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Rejuvenation & Tightening, Strawberry Laser Lipo Inch Loss, Beauty Therapy, & Semi Permanent Make Up.

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Secret Surgery holds Consultations in London at Persona Clinic

Secret Surgery is proud to have partnered with Persona Clinic to offer a discrete and professional pre and post operative consultation process and aftercare.

Persona Cosmetic Medicine are specialists in non-surgical anti-ageing medicine. At Persona we have created an environment where you can feel at ease and talk in complete confidence abut your concerns. Whether it’s the radiance of younger looking skin, or a specific problem you wish to address, we host a range of professional, quality assured treatments that will rejuvenate your appearance and improve the way you look and feel.

Persona Pure Beauty
Persona’s solution to all of your pampering and beauty needs. Through the blend of experience, exquisite treatments, and carefully chosen quality products, Persona Pure Beauty will deliver the definitive experience, from perfect nails to indulgent relaxation.

Phone: 0845.060.7080
Email: [email protected]

Quick Fix Beauty – An interview with Wojciech Waclawowicz MD

Can modern medicine offer a ‘quick solution’ which won’t interfere with our short-term plans and allow for enjoying the changes in the future?

Wojciech Wacłowicz MD

Wojciech Wacłowicz MD

Doctor Wojciech Wacłowicz:

It’s a difficult problem, since – when planning changes in our appearance – we ought to look at ourselves in perspective. Quick decisions and sudden acts can complicate the therapy. Just like with a house renovation – we don’t do anything randomly, but at each stage we plan the next one.

When thinking of beauty improvement, we should take into account all the elements that influence it.  Our appearance is a product of many elements: skin type, face shape, shape and placement of the nose, eyes and lips and all the changes that come with aging, like wrinkles.  To improve one’s appearance one can use cosmetic treatments, non-invasive surgery or typical plastic surgery. (more…)


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