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Sara: Disgusted by shoddy Sun Reporting

Sara Bouamra

Sara Bouamra

I attended the wonderful VIP Trip to Wroclaw and I am appalled by the way the article has been written and disgusted by the behaviour of the so called professional reporter/photographer.

The inaccuracies within the article are beyond belief.   The reporter should apply to Walt Disney as her fictitious writing skills are amazing.

At what point was our VIP Celebration trip to celebrate the success of our company in line with the booze filled hen party style weekend.  That in itself is an insult to us as people I certainly do not wish to be portrayed as a drunken hen out for a good time when, like the rest of our party, I’m a respectable hard working professional.
The reporter omitted that the “oohs and ahs” during the hospital visit were regarding the amazing results
the surgical team produce within the facial reconstruction area.  At no point during the whole weekend was any reference made to surgery costs, so again another inaccuracy.
The photographer seemed to rely upon our own photographer for advice on group photos.  And he had very little interest in photographing anyone who was not a size 10 or looked under 30!
There was zero interviews conducted and this was the 1st reporter that I have ever meet who does not have a notepad or dictaphone.  The disinterest upon her face on the Saturday shopping trip was plain for all to see.  She appeared bored and did not communicate with any of our party. This lack of interest was confirmed by both the photographer and reporters failure to show up at the Sunday evening dinner party as they had gone sight seeing.  Leaving Secret Surgery to pick up their pre-ordered food bill.
As for the lack of English spoken by the Doctor’s it is their surgical skill that is important not the spoken word.  The translator is there for a purpose.   Would it be an issue if the surgeon was British but mute?  That is discriminate against the surgical team.
With regards to the non-refundable booking deposit how many holiday companies actually issue refunds once they book your flights and
accommodation?  Even Butlins keep your deposit if you cancel your holiday!  20121216-0276small
There is a reason why Secret Surgery Ltd is the market leader im Medical Tourism and the reporter missed the opportunity to provide the general public with the truth about how far our company goes above and beyond to change people’s lives.
“We are not the hard cold hearted sellers they have tried to portray.   We are honest genuine caring people who want to help others to live a more forfilling life.”
The Sun should be ashamed of themselves for firstly sending such amateur and unprofessional representatives as Jennifer Tippett,  and secondly for misleading the general public. A formal complaint has been lodged with Press Complaints.
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