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Spotlight on Surgery: Thigh Lift

The thigh lift is one of those procedures that doesn’t often find itself in the spotlight, and remains under the radar for many women; you don’t often hear about thigh lifts in the papers, or from your girlfriends, though there’s no doubt that many women in the UK choose to undergo them every year.

So, what is a thigh lift? I’m sure many of you can guess simply from the name; just like a face lift, a thigh lift is there to bring youth, vigour and beauty back to the thighs. Sometimes, the skin on your thighs can become wrinkled or saggy – either from ageing or excess weight loss – which leaves your legs looking anything but trimmed.

With a thigh lift, the skin on certain areas of your legs is tightened, removing these wrinkles and sags. If you’re too worried to show your legs off at the beach in a bikini, or you dread even going to your local swimming pool because of your legs, then a thigh lift may be for you!

A consultation in one of our UK clinics can help you make the right decision about whether to go through with a thigh lift and, if so, what kind you should be thinking about. What’s important, always, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, is your happiness!

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