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Jim: My Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery isn’t an easy option; it’s often a last resort for those of us who just can’t shed the pounds any other way. It’s a big decision, and it takes a lot of guts to choose such a life-changing surgery. Today, we’ve got Jim here to tell us about his experience with weight loss surgery at Secret Surgery.

“Angela made my dream come true.” he says. “Many, many a time I thought about have a gastric bypass, but I always always too scared to do so. Angela didn’t push, bully or sell; she just listened, and answered the questions I asked.”

“Having had the operation herself, it made it so easy for me to follow what she had done. You just have to look at her: she’s so happy, and now has dedicated her whole life into helping other people to do the same.”

“My life is now greater than I ever imagined it could be; life changing, yes, but also so much more! Angela was the person that made this happen – and I’ll always thank her for the rest of my life. Everything she said was true. Just listen to her, and follow your dream!”

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Jim! Gastric bypass surgery is a weight loss operation designed for people carrying a lot of excess weight, and it usually results in dramatic weight loss post-operation. If you think it could be for you, don’t hesitate to seek out a consultation with us.

For further Information please visit www.SecretSurgery.co.uk or call 0843 289 4 982 or email [email protected]

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