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Secret Surgery Marks One Year Anniversary


1 Year on….

Angela Chouaib

Angela Chouaib

Cosmetic surgery holiday specialists Secret Surgery Ltd will celebrate their one year anniversary on November 11.  The company are set to launch a special offer to commemorate this milestone.  Customers who book a procedure with Secret Surgery and pay the deposit in November will be treated, with their partner, to a luxury two-night stay at a UK hotel.

In its first 12 months, the company has helped over 150 customers access safe and affordable surgery abroad. A recent domestic VAT hike on plastic surgery is predicted to see that figure skyrocket in 2012.  Though foreign plastic surgery constitutes a grey area in the minds of some, a clutch of glowing testimonials on attest to Secret Surgery’s professionalism and growing reputation. 

One such endorsement came from Ms Leigh, who went under the knife for a breast enlargement in February.  She said: “Before travelling I was concerned that there would be a language barrier between myself and the staff at the hospital, in addition to dreading the standard of the clinic due to the exceptionally low price I had paid.

“However, once arriving in Poland all my worries were laid to rest. The clinic was modern and all equipment was of a high standard – possibly a higher standard of equipment than there is here in Britain.

“My language barrier fear was soon lifted when I was met by an English-speaking guide who goes along with you to meet the surgeon and is there when and if you need her during your stay at the clinic.”

Secret Surgery is unique in that it offers package deals to the UK market.  The company’s Managing Director, Angela Chouaib, appreciates that customers will be nervous enough undertaking surgery abroad.  “Surgery is a huge life altering step and you must feel confident in your decision that it is right for you and that you are having surgery for the right reasons,” she explains. “I’m only at the other end of an email or telephone and can assist you however you need – no question is too small or silly!”

Angela started the business after being told she must wait two years for plastic surgery on the NHS. Having shed ten stone through gastric bypass surgery, she spend four months researching surgery options in the UK and abroad, before discovering a clinic in Poland she felt was suitable.

Her initial concerns about foreign surgery, compounded by scant client reviews and the stigma associated with Eastern European treatment, were soon assuaged. In April of last year, she underwent a tummy tuck, and was so satisfied with the service she returned a month later for a breast reduction and uplift.

Secret Surgery offers clients unable to afford surgery in the UK a convenient and hassle-free alternative. While the competitive prices offered in Poland appeal to many, Angela appreciates the client’s need for support and guidance throughout.

That’s why she has set up a monthly support group in the South East of England, and has forged links with a variety of surgeons across Europe. Such integration has seen the company offer a wider selection of treatments, including dentistry and orthopaedics. A further VIP Membership scheme entitles existing customers to offers and benefits in the UK on their return, as well as discounts on future treatments.

Dr. Geraldine McKeever, Medical Director, Stepback Cosmetic Medicine says “I have watched with interest, first of all the launch and then the rapid Growth of “Secret Surgery”.  Angela Chouaib has found a really good recipe for the success of her business.  She is first and foremost Ethical and Caring: 2 qualities which I as a Doctor find essential in any surgical organisation.  Secondly the quality of her “product” ie the surgery she promotes is excellent.  She has also sought to offer post-operative care, where necessary, in the UK for patients having surgery abroad.  This is so rare and it is refreshing to see.  Well done Angela on your meteoric rise and also thank you for the support you offer obesity sufferers Nationally.

Her popular support group now boasts 250 members, and offers advice and guidance to over 1,000 people across the UK.  Whatever aesthetic procedure you wish to undertake, Secret Surgery has a solution.  In its first year, the company has expanded three-fold and has ambitious plans for further growth in the coming months.  Rarely has a birthday greeting been so warranted!

For further Information please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email [email protected]

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